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Tourism, hotels

Hotels, apartments, rooms
Travel destinations
Tourist events
Tourist agencies

Restaurants, bars, clubs

Pizza, pizzeria, pancake
Catering, event organization
Catering equipment, crockery

Construction companies

Prefabricated houses
Architecture, design
Equipment for bathrooms, toilets

Swimming pools, saunas
Construction materials
Stone fireplaces, stone-cutters
Construction machinery, tools
PVC joinery, aluminum joinery
Construction - Other

Furniture, wood, wood industry
Floor coverings, flooring, carpets


Hair salons, beauty salons
Cosmetics, beauty products
Tattoo studios, tattoos, piercing
Dry Cleaning, Laundry
Jewelry, gold, jewelery, watches
Equipment for children
Sweaters, handicrafts, costume
Men's clothing, clothes for fuller
Working clothes, footwear, PPE
Printing on textiles and clothing
Wedding dresses
Bags, handbags, leather
Hats, scarves, gloves
Linen, underwear, textiles
Model agencies, fashion studios

Nature, animals
Flowers, flower shops, nurseries
Dogs kennel, dogs
Aquarium, fish, terrariums
Pigeons, pigeonry
Parrots, canaries, finches, birds
Animal feed, Pet Shops
Veterinary ambulance
Animal protection associations

Nature protection, ecology

Correspondence, dating

Personal & family sites
Forums, chat, blogs
Astrology, astrologers
Other entertainment facilities

Real estate
Real estate, sell, rent

Agriculture, food
Fruits, vegetables, food

Mineral water, healthy water
Juices, soft drinks, coffee
Bakery, bread, pastry
Milk products, milk, cheese
Confectionery, sweets
Honey, beekeepers

Healthy food, teas, herbs

Seeds, plant protection

Hygienic equipment & supplies
Supermarkets, trade, e-shops
Beer, wine, winery
Fish, fishing, fishing equipment
Agricultural machines, tools

Health, medicine

Clinics, hospitals, doctors
Dental surgery
Ophthalmologists, optics, glasses
Homes for elderly care

Health associations

Drugs, preparations, pharmacies
Medical equipment, devices


Computers, tech
Computers, accessories
Inkjet cartridges, toners
Household appliances
Office equipment, cash registers
Air conditioners, sales, service
Cameras, accessories

Mobile phones, fixed phones
Alarms, security, protection

CD/DVD, audio/photo/video
PC magazines, PC publishing
Providers, web hosting
Programming, web design

Universities, colleges
High schools

Elementary schools
Kindergartens, playgrounds
Computer schools

Language schools
Music school, choirs
Web sites for students
For high school students
For primary school pupils
Science, institutes
Education - other

Radio, TV stations
Radio stations

TV, broadcasting, video
News agencies

Free classifieds

Specialized classifieds

News, press
Daily newspapers, news, press

Local news, local press

Periodic newspapers, magazines

Transport, cars

New and used cars

Auto parts, car repair
Motorcycles, scooters, bicycles
Trucks, commercial vehicles
Aircraft, spacecraft
Ships, boats, vessels
Other vehicles
Automotive associations
Car registration & insurance
Transport, freight forwarding
Air transport, airports
River and sea transport
Rent A Car
Auto magazines and ads
Driving schools
Building roads, elevators

Tools, industry, crafts
Metal industry, wrought iron
Chemistry, chemical Industry
Plastic, rubber, packaging

Energy, electronics


Government, institutions
State-owned companies
Humanitarian organizations
Red Cross
Citizens' associations, NGOs
Women's organizations & NGOs

Political parties

Cities, regions
Belgrade (City)
Serbia - central
Kosovo & Metohia
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Other regions, etc.

Specialized pages:

Musicians, singers, bands
Studios, equipment, instruments

Other unsorted websites

Postal & courier services
Banks, insurance companies
Brokers, finance
Jobs, business contacts
Printing, graphics, design
Office equipment & supplies
Marketing, management
Bookkeeping, accounting
Translation agencies
Other legal service
Funeral services & equipment

Culture, arts

Galleries, painters
Photography, art photography
Theatres, theater arts
Film, film art, cinemas
Sculpture, carving, etc.
Literature, publishing, books
Schools of Dance / Dance Clubs
Churches, orthodox, religion
Other churches / faith
Historical facilities
Other cultural facilities

Sport news
Sports equipment
Football clubs and school
Indoor soccer / Futsal
Football associations & other
Basketball teams
Basketball league, associations
Basketball camps
Basketball - other
Volleyball - clubs, associations
Volleyball - other
Tennis - clubs, associations
Tennis - other
Table Tennis
Water polo
Jet ski
Rafting, kayaking, canoeing
Aviation, aero clubs
Hiking, mountain climbing
Aerobics / Pilates
Fitness centers, gyms
Fitness - Other
American football
Auto/moto sport
Kung Fu
Fencing, Kendo
Other martial arts
Domestic athletes
Personal trainers
Sport centers
School sports
Other sports associations/clubs
Sport - Other

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Recommended sites for za 09.15.2017

www.iizradasajtova.com Iizradasajtova - website/web site design affordable and professionally - Making sites at great prices, design and functionality, SEO-optimization, online marketing; So far we have done over 200 web Sites ... We say to you to make the job!;
Vojvode Stepe 64; Tel: +381 (0) 64/111-64-35
Belgrade Srbija
www.inoxograde.com 'Inox fences' are the result of years of work and experience over 25 years - Stainless steel railings for terraces and balconies, special prices, installation (from 5 to 10 days!), guarantee access to the customer's facility, Taking measures - for free! Direct import of materials, superb Organization and costs reduced to the minimum we have achieved fantastic price and allow broader range of customers to ensure their fence quality material; Dositejeva 2
Phones: +381 064 2222 388 (Nikola), +381 064 2222 488 (Saša)
Novi Sad Srbija
www.sredime.rs SrediMe - make an appointment online 24/7 the best hairdressers, beauticians, makeup, manicure, pedicure, waxing, spa or massage parlor in your city! Proven reviews, free scheduling,
All beauty salons for your beauty on one site!
Tel: +381 62 1000 123 (Viber, WhatsApp)
Novi Sad

also in other cities

www.paulownia.rs Paulownia (Paulownia), a fast-growing tree - seedlings, growing, advice - Paulownia elongata and Paulownia Shantong - promotion , dissemination and commercialization; All information related to paulownia wood, Nursery" Plant ", Serbia,
tel. (viber): (+381) 065/250-10-45; Croatia: +385 1 37 94855,
+385 1 37 94 857, fax: +385 1 34 96 728; BiH: +387 66130-003, 65604-900 387
Velika Plana
Suvo Polje

Bosna i Hercegovina
www.rasadnik-komerc.com Rasadnik Komerc - fruit trees, vines, production, wide range of Slovenian certified planting material, grafts, fruit
substrate, seedlings rose, various types of conifers and deciduous, citrus fruits, kiwis, perene, various indoor pot flowers, raw materials manufacturers, foreign, boxwood, Perrin, ornamental shrubs ...;
Selo Rajkovac, ul. Stanoja Bugarskog 48, phone: 063/8108-670
(the owner) 060/7650-700 (Pol. Sc) 011/8236-579 (the company),
fax: 011/8233-266
www.ljubicica.co.rs Violet flower shop, florist with years of experience, one of the first florists in Novi Sad! Production of all types of floral arrangements made of natural and artificial flowers for all occasions, manufacture, import, youth bouquets, ikebana, wreaths; Online portal dedicated to all who love flowers; Lokal Telep &Online, phone: +381 (21) 466703, +381 (63) 548102, +381 (64) 4316562; Kiosk at Spens, the angle of Maksim Gorky and Sutjeska, Phone: +381 (21) 469365 Novi Sad
www.vremezasnove.com Online Shop home textile 'Time to dream "- pillows (for moms and babies, for living and sleeping room, dining room, Coach), pillow cases, inserts, bedding, blankets, pillows for pets; Phone: +381 69 5459-666 Ruma Srbija
www.isiteks.com Isiteks - medical uniforms - clothing in the field of medicine, civil engineering, electrical engineering, shipbuilding, utilities, hospitality and hotel industry ... medical uniforms and suits, business suits, uniforms, medical sheets, pillow cases, jacket for an ambulance, emergency vests, blouses, medical, medical gowns, cooking clothes; Čarnojevićeva 10, Mob.tel: 061/6888 493 Žitište
www.agrotehnikams.com AGROTEHNIKA-MS - import and distribution of spare parts for agricultural and construction equipment manufacturer John Deere, Case IH , International, Fendt, Ford/New Holland, Iveco NEF CNH-Fiat, Renault, Claas, Deutz-fahr, Cummins, CAT, JCB, Perkins, Massey Ferguson, Fiat, McCormick, David Brown and other brands of machinery and equipment (motor group , pistons, bearings, fuel injection system, pumps, turbo, filters, clutches, transmissions, kombajnski parts, cabin ...); Slobodana Bajića 44;
Phone: +381 63528586, tel/fax: +381 21 6619 670
Novi Sad
www.trubaci.co.rs Trumpeters for all towns and cities in Serbia and abroad, regardless of any city or town you always have trumpeters nearby, almost all the trumpeters in Serbia cooperate with us! All bands from the site can engage over the Managers for any kind of joy for weddings, birthdays, graduation celebrations and various other celebrations, concerts, festivals, etc ... Tel: +381 63 78 00 413, +381 61 20 35 009   Srbija
www.grupazaoke.rs Music group Žaoke - make a party from each set! Music
for clubs, restaurants, hotels, celebrations, World
of joy ... national music, film music, original, newly composed, starogradska, evergreen, pop-rock domestic and foreign hits, latino, jazz; Tel: 063/27 55 90 064/61 84 141
Novi Sad


playroom magic fountain Rakovica - playroom, birthdays, living room, additional services: transport, child's room an hour, photographic services, catering services, entertainers, face painting, chocolate fountain, pinata, educational workshops, psychological counseling; Mouse Kranjca 23 Miljakovac, Phone: 062/538553, 064/0431859 ​​ Belgrade
www.livnicametalac.com Metalac Foundry, founded in 1985 - the casting of non-ferrous metals and cast iron (semi-finished), alloys aluminum (Al), copper alloy (Cu), brass, bronze, an alloy of iron (Fe 3 C), casting from one cast to several thousand pieces; Branko Copic 8, tel: +381 11 8230826 Mladenovac Srbija
www.zuniclaw.com law Office Zunic - insurance law, the intellect. property rights, competition, contracts, indemnities, really, family hereditary
criminal, tax, commercial, labor law and protection from abuse at work, restitution, denationalization and restitution of property, protection consumers, international arbitration, bankruptcy, liquidation, p. investment ...; Theatre Square 7, second floor; Telephones: +381 21 66 19 533, +381 63523861,
+381 63551386, +381 69 15 09 987
Novi Sad Srbija
    Professional web design - web site design, SEO/optimization, professional web solutions/web design (wordpress, php/html/css/javascript), creating web shop (web shop for your needs, the implementation of payment by credit card, bank transfer services as well as through cash on delivery), marketing;
Milos Svilara br. 16, Tel: 064 599 082 5
Belgrade Srbija
www.erozija.rs Erosion ad - Engineering and hydraulic engineering, forestry, horticulture and landscape architecture; The most beautiful green spaces, fountains and squares, design, greening works, production of planting material; Production of aggregates and concrete construction; Pop Lukina number 8; Info phone: +381 14227311,
fax: +381 14227330
Valjevo Srbija
www.idbau.eu Building company ID Bau - earthworks, construction and maintenance of railway tracks and rails, rough construction works, attic and upgrades, reinforcement work and carpentry, masonry, plastering buildings, dry construction, plaster works, painting works, remodeling, interior design, insulation work, potters works, parquet works, electrical works, plumbing and sewage,
Street Expressway to Zagreb no. 22, tel: +381637757556
Novi Beograd Srbija
www.panstarsrbija.com Pan Star doo - Vision for medical supplies; The company was founded in 1991. and has professional staff and other resources for the execution of tasks in the field of complete medical supplies (medicines and medical devices - disinfection means for medical, medical supplies, medical equipment and apparatus, extra hygiene kits, hygiene...); Kotorska 61b, Novi Sad, fax: 021-504-055,
021-504-057; Office Belgrade: tel/fax: +381/11/7704534, +381/63/633641
Novi Sad
    Silent book is handmade personalized for kids of all ages, from young children to learn colors and shapes to preschoolers and school children who can learn letters and numbers. Cover and pages are made of soft fabrics, and each page of the book silent request to be on her doing something. Quiet book represents an active book for children that encourages their fingers into action and each party is a new game; Studio Štraftica; tel: +381 63 1246760 Beograd Srbija
www.umsobrenovici.com Royal-princely house Obrenovic, all of the Obrenovic dynasty - Association of managers of Serbia; Jurija Gagarina 162/24,
tel: +38163306318
Novi Beograd Srbija
www.stamparija-sprint.rs Printing Sprint was founded in 1993 - printing services, processing, preparation and design, high quality products and services, while preserving the concept of accuracy, precision and confidence; Print: books, catalogs, monographs, brochures, posters, forms, folders, paper bags, leaflets ... Offset printing up to B2 format, the paperback and hardcover matte and shiny coating; Batajnica, Belarička 43, tel: 011/40 66 755 Batajnica
www.zdravpocetak.net A healthy start - a website dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, good quality herbal preparations, made in a natural way, without additives, preservatives and colors, Herbal tinctures, proteins, teas, syrups, creams, oils, air fresheners, books; detoxification programs: detoxification of the body, the kidneys and the bladder, intestines, liver and gall bladder, skin, blood and lymphatic system, lungs
on-line shop, delivery of the product delivery;
Contact phone/SMS: + 381 64 029 85 81
www.transglobe.rs Transglobe doo, international transport, transit, transportation - We offer services: road, maritime , river, air, railway transport,
full, partial and groupage loads, transport of dangerous goods, goods in the temperature regime, special charges ... customs brokerage in the country and abroad, warehousing (customs and commercial goods), insurance of goods in transport; Transglobe doo - your logistic support, Bulevar 10g, Phone: +381 (11) 34-37-089,
fax: +381 (11) 34-37-089, Mobile: +381 (63) 323-608
Novi Beograd Srbija
www.barakudabend.rs Barracuda Band - Balkan Beat Orchestra - founded in 2000;
Bend extensive experience he gained after a European
clubs, restaurants, clubs Belgrade and Novi Sad and Serbia variety of celebrations from Vardar to Triglav, rich repertoire of songs - Soccer party, folk, old, domestic and foreign pop rock; Phone
: Zoran: 063593904, Milan: 063 622 640
Novi Sad
Vesti, novine, Srbija www.naslovivesti.info nAslov News - the latest and fastest news from Serbia, former Yugoslavia and the world! News by the minute! Be informed about everything! Optimized for mobile phones Beograd Srbija
www.novitet-dunav.co.rs Novelty Danube - damask - unique hand-woven tablecloths and
linen for catering and household products are made on manual looms Jacquard fabric with punched cards, which date from 1871; Food and Beverage: napkins, tablecloth and table covers that decorate the best hotels and restaurants; Furnishing household and gift sets bed sheets and tablecloths, pillowcases, sheets, quilt covers, napkins; Souvenirs: Gift sets, bibs and napkins with the emblem;
Each product is unique! Victims of fascism 2; tel: +381 (0) 25 810930, fax: +381 (0) 25 810137, mob: +381 (0) 63 580 869
Bezdan Srbija
www.agencijagds.rs Gds Agency doo - safety and health at work and fire protection
; risk assessment ; Accounting and legal services;
Tel: 011/40-50-197, Mobile: 063/270-296, 062/409-085
Belgrade Srbija
www.risbend.com Ris band - a very wide repertoire, superior sound, professional lighting, personal transportation, program music, classical music,
a lot of success
odsviranih wedding, a variety of joy, parties, six appearances in Toronto... For your weddings, birthdays, parties, festivals and gatherings - smiling with positive energy band that plays without a break ...;Phone: +38163 526 446 (viber), +38165 466 8264
Novi Sad Srbija
www.rentacarmaster.com Master Rent A Car is the car rental company with many years of experience in their work - Employees of the company were trained in world famous car rental brands such as Avis and Budget and therefore with the right of us, you can expect service on a high level! the fleet: chevrolet Spark, volkswagen Up, Skoda fabia, chevrolet Spark, Opel corsa, chevrolet Aveo, Skoda Rapid, chevrolet Cruze, Renault megane, 15-28 EU per day; Airport "Nikola Tesla"
Phone: +381 63 814 4 079, mobile: +381 63 814 4 079
New Belgrade Srbija
www.fdlider.com trading in financial derivatives - learn how and why to get profit money Call and Put Options. Thousands and thousands of stock exchange investors trade these financial derivatives. from now available trading platform in Serbia with a minimum investment of $ 10. option IQ
is one of the largest, fastest-growing platform for trading binary Call and Put Options
www.prevozzanemacku.com Transport van to Germany and the Netherlands from Serbia (from every center city), 'from the address to address', comfortable, safe, professionally. Phone: +381 64 1390 432, +381 66 9395 800 Belgrade Srbija
www.cleanset.rs Cleanse Ltd., a company specialized in the provision of professional services in the field of hygiene - hygiene health institutions, administrative , business, sports, shopping and hotElske, buildings, hygiene of your home, daily and periodic maintenance, general cleaning of facilities, cleaning the glass facade and Alubond at high altitudes, machine cleaning hard floors, height works; Speed, experience, technical competence, quality team of young professional people; Blok 121d, tel: +381 63344-158 Belgrade Srbija
www.osnivanje-firme.com Starting a Business in Germany, Switzerland, England, Montenegro, in the Seychelles; Office services and accounting,
services related to company headquarters (business address for registration of company), open the bankarkog account, translations, auto leasing, debt collection, tax specialist, tax lawyer, insurance ...;
Gapwork Solution Ltd., Röntgenstr. 37, D-71229 Leonberg, Germany; Contact: Festnetz: ++ 49- (0) 711-51866921,
Mobil Tel. ++ 49- (0) 152-55919394; Inland Fax: 0711-22954538,
Ausland Fax: ++ 49-711-22954538
Stuttgart Nemačka
www.sveodstakla.com All of the glass - glass shower cabin custom (slide opening system, accordion system), glass partition walls for offices, glass display cases, decorative glass for kitchens, fabrication, assembly; Phone: 061/609-49-46 Belgrade Srbija
www.paulovnija.info Paulownia (Paulownia), a tree that is growing the fastest - production and sales. We gather growers paulownia, where we provide the following services: preferential procurement of hybrid seedlings of fast-growing, design principles, organizing professional conferences and presentations, technical and professional support during the operation so far, linking growers and direct contact with customers from home and abroad; Sales of the accompanying program: Mycorrhiza, Hydrogel, canned fruit, vegetables export wp, Klasmann ts 1, irrigation systems; Nikola Tesla bb (the old name of Radomir Jakovljevic); Tel. 037 492 308, 066 492 308 Kruševac Srbija
    E-accounting - Online accounting and business consulting, consulting services, accounting services, establishment of companies and businesses; Metropolitan Stratimirovića 18; Telephone: +381 (0) 21 88-35-71, +381 (0) 66 6383 881, +381 (0) 60 881 6383 Sremski Karlovci Srbija
www.akademijaoxford.com Oxford Academy was founded in 2008 and since then has implemented programs of informal education, foreign language courses , professional training, retraining, translation services of court interpreters; Courses: language school, computer school, international exams, administrative courses, and beauty care, ECDL courses, courses for court interpreters, professional courses and training, online courses, standards, private lessons, hobby schools, secondary schools - emergency high school; Tel: +381 (0) 69/30-70-584 Jagodina

also in other cities
www.agencijadijamanti.com Agency "Diamond" for deals with cleaning and maintenance of the
business and residential premises, warehouses, halls, stairways, entrances and final construction cleaning; Hyla cleaning system;
service the elderly and sick - care and home help services, caretakers and nurses; Discreet, professional, of the weather!
Palm 1, Tel: 064/204-15-05
Zemun Srbija
www.anitconsalting.com Agency for consulting and menandžmenta" Anit consulting "- services: HACCP and ISO, environmental protection, licensing, approval and certification, public procurement; Ul. Prvomajska 29; Tel: 065/8449-221 Zemun Srbija
www.dzonikom.com Džoni Kom - for a warm home! Equipment for central and solar heating and air conditioning (radiators, panel and tubular boilers, solar connectors, necessary installations, boilers, pellet, pellet combustion boilers) water supply, pumps for water supply and irrigation, sewage; Products of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy (pipes, sheets, profiles, ...); Wholesale and retail trade; Kneza Miloša 126, Svilajnac, Hotel Tel: +381035 312 379 Svilajnac
Velika Plana
    Luxury apartment" & quot Cozy ; in a quiet part of Zemun, Branislav Pesic Street; Issuance of abortion" at home" on the Sava River near Ada, fully furnished in ethnic style, in an attractive location, in a quiet area, suitable for summer vacations, relaxation lounge, fewer birthdays, celebrations, parties, Grill Festival and a paradise for fishermen; Mob: +381 63/353-449 Zemun
Novi Beograd
www.svezavideonadzor.rs All for video surveillance, internet stores - kits and equipment for video surveillance, alarm systems, installation materials, intercoms, iT equipment, network equipment, anti-fire, access control, software , sound system, smart tv box, sport cameras, video monitoring, action products; Vojvode Bogdana 34 Phone: 065 821 8 128 Belgrade Srbija
www.ibmcom.co.rs IBM Comerce export-import doo - bolts, lock fuses, production and sales tools; The first railway line 27c, Slovenian Phone: +381 11/319-12-27, Tel/Fax: +381 11/319-22-89, 319-12-27, +381 11/319-26- 45 Zemun Srbija
www.mariccentar.rs Maric center Ltd. - The authorized distributor of Hyundai vehicles - sale of vehicles, new and used, spare parts for all makes of vehicles, auto service, autolimarija, autofarbanje, diagnostics and mechanics, auto paint and painting supplies, car tires; Digital wheel alignment, dismantling and assembling the interior and exterior of vehicles, construction and installation of car glass, welding, repair, polishing ...; Sell: tel: 036 824 670, fax: 036 824 671,
service: phone: 036 821 204, fax: 036 821 204
www.budisvoj.org Project" Be yourself" - A project of social inclusion for young people without parental care and children of martyrs; Project activities are based on: education (through the training program, Premium communicator "US companies Persona Global) and direct support through a number of concrete activities aimed at employment and self-employment of young people who leave the program of social protection; mob.tel: 066 333516, fix.tel: 011/78 38 530 Belgrade Srbija
www.goxy.rs Real estate Agency" Goxy" - Long-term experience of employees and hundreds of satisfied customers confirms our slogan" quality and professionalism "; For giving legal advice, checking documents, making preliminary agreements and sales contracts is in charge of a team of lawyers with years of experience; Koste Glavinića 1a; Phone: +381 (0) 11 306 64 16, +381 (0) 11 306 64 17, mobile: +381 (0) 65 306 64 16, +381 (0) 64 026 41 57 Belgrade Srbija
www.popwebdesign.net PopArt Studio Ltd. - a creative digital agency with a full-service Web design, Web Development, graphic design (logo, ID, flyers, catalogs, packaging), SEO optimization, programming, photography, hosting and domains, Google AdWords/PPC; We have thousands of satisfied clients and completed projects from dozens of countries of the world, we have won numerous awards! People's Front 23 E 2, Hotel Novi Sad, phone: +381 (0) 21 2 553 649, +381 (0) 65 6944 331; Page 7 Cintra Place, Glen Innes, Auckland, New Zealand,
Mobile: +64 21 458117
Novi Sad
www.teleflora.rs Teleflora Ltd. - a company for floral design, organization and decoration of the wedding and flower delivery in Belgrade, Serbia, ex-Yu and 185 countries around the world!Online sendingflowers - Let flowers speak! Open Heart Street - Svetogorska 11; tel: (+381 11) 30-30-048, The (+381 11) 30-30-047, fax: (+381 11) 30-30-049; TC Merkator, Bul. Art no. 4, the main entrance - ground floor,
Contact phone: (+381) 011 312-23-32
Novi Beograd
www.sfviktorijastar.com Victoria Star - come, learn and become famous! Football school designed for children ages 5 to 11 years, the municipality Zemun, Novi Beograd and Mirijeva ... Apart from socializing, gaining working and living habits, as well as the sociological roles, children are taught the basic elements of football game. The aim of the school is that kids feel at home and give them a smile from the face to come down; Volgina bb; Phone: 064/5416-172, 063/8272-616 Belgrade Srbija
www.vatrosprem.rs Vatrosprem AD - leader in fire protection in Serbia! Fire fire extinguishers: fire extinguishers with CO2/under constant pressure/Special design/standard with a bottle, cabinets and racks for PP appliances; Fire-fighting equipment: hydraulic facturing tools, apparatus, fire hoses; Protective equipment: head protection, protective clothing and footwear; Hydrant equipment, smoke detectors and CO; Servis, Internet shops; Belgrade, Slobodan Jovic 3, tel: +381 11 39 89 227; Slovenian fax: +381 11 39 89 299, phone: + 381 63 105 12 40; Novi Sad, Serbia, the Paris Commune 36, tel: + 381 21442834, + 381 63 105 12 40 Belgrade
Novi Sad
www.simcolor.com Sim Color doo, warehouse and painting wholesale and retail - complete construction materials (cement, lime, clay, concrete, aerated concrete blocks, bricks, fert fillings, partition block, reinforcement, polystyrene, stiradur ...), paints and varnishes, facade program (Maxima and Kraft), plaster systems (complete program Knauf), thermal insulation, waterproofing (complete Sika pragram), tools and accessories; The possibility of free transport;
Mije Kovačevića 10a at the Seminary under OFK Stadium, corner of Visnjicka and Mijo Kovacevic; Tel: 011/2752-182011/3293-895
Belgrade Srbija
www.ultrazvuk.info Specialist clinic for Radiology Ultrasound - reviews organs of the upper abdomen ( liver, gall bladder, bile ducts, pancreas, spleen, kidneys), reviews the pelvic organs (bladder, uterus, ovaries, prostate), special inspections, reviews superficial organ and tissue examinations of the brain in newborn and young children, Color Doppler sonography blood vessels of the neck and extremities, indirect is for the stomach and intestines; Modena 1/IV; Telephone: 021/66 11 416, 021/66 13 411, 063/480 827 Novi Sad Srbija

TENDAMONT - awnings and accessories, canopies, transparent foil, sliding roofs, textile architecture, winter and summer gardens, tarpaulins and covers, pergolas, convertible, modular structures, objects from the screen, the program Giulio Barbieri, design and construction of the balloon hall, prestressed structures of PVC material, adaptation, design and construction to the interior; Tendamont Company was founded in 1990. We cover everything! 8.mart 1a/Kaluđerica; Tel: +381 11 34 15 333, +381 11 34 10 657, +381 63 700 70 to 15 Belgrade Srbija

www.ordinacijanovakovic.com Practice Prof. Dr. Novakovic - prevention and treatment of noncommunicable diseases, nutritional therapy of obesity, diabetes, hyperlipoproteinemia, cardiovascular diseases, digestive, anorexia and bulimia mentalis; Food, medical nutritional therapy and prevention, nutrition planning, collective nutrition, technical assistance to producers diet, proper nutrition, which delays aging interaction of food, medicines and dietary supplements, health and appearance of the skin; Avgusta Cesarca 16; Tel/fax: 021 523 703 062 83 63 414 Novi Sad Srbija
www.trubaci-beograd.net Orchestra ,, South Izvor ", trumpeters for weddings, birthdays, graduations, baptisms and all other joy, guest appearances all over Serbia and Europe. It was founded in 2003 and has won many awards and recognitions from Guca and the second time the competition; Tel: +381 63 81 55 138 Belgrade Srbija
www.zikmasolutions.com Zikmu solutions - hosting solutions, website development (design and redesign, WordPress, Magento ...), Web Development, graphic design (logo, flyers, business cards, brochures, flyers, design shirt, hoodie or shirts), SEO optimization, internet marketing; Affordable and high quality production sites and online stores of high quality at affordable prices, unique design, the site for 24 hours! 24/7 support;
4. Juli 7 &Trg Kralja Aleksandra, Shop 43b;
phone: +381 69 23 31 641 and +381 64 19 26 712
Niš Srbija
www.alzmetall-ozubljenje.com Alzmetall - production and sale of spare parts for agricultural machinery, pickers, harvesters, making and selling sprockets and gears; External and internal gearing, production of cylindrical spur and helical teeth, production of conical gears with straight teeth, making a pair of tapered, Slovakia 56, tel: 021/827-332, fax
021/827-413, mob: 0642338563, 0641584052
Novi Sad
www.ladorica.co.rs Ladorica - fittings, accessories and cosmetics for the hotel bathroom, furniture and lighting, bells for reception, machines for cleaning shoes, umbrella holders, waste bins , ashtrays, safes, mini bars, hotel and trolleys for maids, ironing board, linens, curtains, tablecloths, quilts and pillows, bed linen, towels, electric hand dryers, porcelain, glass, cutlery, hotel mattresses, hotel and extra special beds, chairs the meetings, conference and banquet tables, movable stage; Uniforms for staff ... & nbsp; Mirče Aceva 25,
tel/fax: +381 11 3975 718, mob: +381 69 38-37-790
Belgrade Srbija
www.unionrentacar.com Union Rent A Car - the cheapest rental cars in over 60 locations in Serbia, all the leading car hire agencies! We guarantee the largest selection of vehicles in one place, you choose best rental prices. We guarantee fast, efficient and affordable services. You have the option of booking 24 hours a day, Tel: 011/30 30 300, mob: 064/646 88 28 Belgrade
Novi Sad

also in other cities
and countries

Crna Gora
www.hooncilla.com Hooncilla - Real estate without borders! Find the property of your dreams today! Hooncilla.com is such a site where anyone, from anywhere in the world, can set up your property for sale, given the lease, look for the purchase of real estate or for lease. All this is simple, easy and free!   Srbija
www.avio-karte.biz Union airline tickets - guaranteed cheap tickets to the world and in Serbia, all about buying the airline ticket ... & nbsp;
Phone: 011/30 30 400
Belgrade Srbija
www.sportskirodjendan.rs Sport birthday - celebrate the most beautiful day with us! Celebrating birthday GK" winner" is a completely new and unforgettable experience. Sporting birthdays offer something for everyone. Since it is not a classic birthday parties, in this way your child gets a chance to creatively and active socializing, competition and play celebrates its big day; & nbsp; Phone: 065 8555222 and 063 8555222 Belgrade Srbija

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