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Agriculture, food
Milk products,
milk, cheeses, dairy
Milk products, milk, cheese, industry milk, dairies - SERBIA Agricultural company Sava Kovacevic - modern crop - Soccer Livestock farm and one of the leaders in Serbia, founded in 1946 year, owns 3,880 ha of land ...; Milk production industrial crops, cereals and fodder crops, animal production, production of high-quality cattle and sheep; Mirotin Ltd. Vrbas Srbija
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- Agros KB Veternik
Novi Sad
Srbija Biser Srbija Dukat   Srbija Fit   Srbija HEMKOS - rennet production and food flavorings Leskovac Srbija Imlek Belgrade Srbija Kuc - After a taste of nature Kragujevac Srbija Dairy Lazar Blace Srbija Small dairies Silbaš Srbija Mlekara Mihajlović Paraćin Srbija Imlek Subotica Srbija Mlekara Čoka Čoka Srbija Dairy & quot; Sava Kovačevoć & quot; Dana Vrbas Srbija Dairy Leskovac - production and marketing of milk and milk products Leskovac Srbija Dairy Nikolić Despotovo Srbija Mlekara Moravica Arilje Srbija Velickovic - family dairy Surdulica Srbija Mlekoprodukt Zrenjanin Srbija Mlekara Muza - Rekem dairy foods Deč Srbija Niska Mlekara Niš Srbija Pic-co   Srbija Basement-Miljević

Stari Ledinci

Srbija Profiko - dairy empire - Wholesale milk and milk products Belgrade Srbija Select milk - goat milk, goat cheese Inđija
u još gradova
Srbija Agricultural farm Natura - ... Feel the real taste ... - sir, cream ... Čačak
Srbija Somboled Sombor Srbija Somborski goat cheese - Farma TIM de LUX - & nbsp; production and sales goat cheeses, goat cheeses sold by express mail/Online sold or directly on the farm Sombor Srbija Spasojevic Dairy - Food homeland - Record Tare   Srbija

Milk products, milk, cheese, industry milk, dairies - CROATIA Ludbreška Creamery & quot; Antun Bohnec & quot; Ludbreg Hrvatska Dukat is the best known brand of dairy products in Croatia Zagreb
Hrvatska Hmu   Hrvatska Pag dairy dd - The cheese Pag Hrvatska Family Farm (OPG) Pintar - Processing Milk, cheese production ... the ecological and traditional way in Cooperation with untouched nature Čabar Hrvatska Probiotic Zagreb Hrvatska Mini dairy Veronika d.o.o. Desinić Hrvatska Green road Josipdol - Plaški - Saborsko - Green road honey and cheese and other offers biological, ecological, food obtained with the presentation of natural and historic sites with the possibility accommodation and keeping   Hrvatska Zdenka cheese - Zdenka Dairy Products Ltd. - For the production dairy products, trade and services Veliki Zdenci Hrvatska

Milk products, milk, cheese, industry milk, dairies - BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Agricultural Cooperative Agrojapra - milk production ... Donji Agići
Novi Grad
Bosna i Hercegovina Dukat   Bosna i Hercegovina

MIV Ltd. - Wholesale food products, frozen meat and fish, milk, cheeses, preserves ... Wholesale milk, dairy products, meat products ... Grude Bosna i Hercegovina Dairy Nock - purchasing, processing and marketing of dairy products Živinice Bosna i Hercegovina Dairy Pađeni Ltd. - Healthy food without preservatives Bileća Bosna i Hercegovina Zenička Milk Industry & quot; ZIM & quot; DO - Your right to a healthy diet Zenica Bosna i Hercegovina

Milk products, milk, cheese, industry milk, dairies - NORTH MACEDONIA Brilliant - Brilliant cooking oil Dairy products and meat Štip Makedonija Dairy JOKA Струмица Makedonija

Milk products, milk, cheese, industry milk, dairies - SLOVENIA LJUBLJANSKE MLEKARNE DD - Dairy industry Ljubljana Slovenija Dairy Bold - Kele & amp; Kele d.o.o. Logatec Slovenija Dairy Planika d.o.o. Kobarid Slovenija Pomurske dairies Muska Sobota
Slovenija Vipava 1894 - Milk Vipava Vipava Slovenija

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