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Restaurants, bars, clubs
Restaurants, bars, clubs - Belgrade (SERBIA) - Event Glamoure Center - the perfect meeting place and a place for holidays several types of events - promotions, fashion shows, weddings, photo shooting, celebrations, seminars, exhibitions, in the center of Zemun, on 1100 m2 Zemun Srbija - Acoustic Tavern Restaurant - restaurant with a soul; Traditional local kitchen with music tambourine ...; Organizing all kinds of celebrations, celebrations or business lunches, catering
Belgrade Pančevo Sutomore Srbija Crna Gora - Restaurant Porto Maltese - Mediterranean choice of food and wine, with a Boka specifics, gastronomic oases, a breath of the Mediterranean in everyday culinary offer of your city Belgrade Moskva u još gradova Srbija - Restaurant Brod Caribbean - the most beautiful place in Belgrade, at the confluence Save the Danube, with a view to the Kalemegdan fortress; Top specialties of national cuisine, specialties under the coals; organization all kinds of festivities and celebrations: weddings, graduation parties, banquets, birthdays ...; Restaurant on two levels, the upper capacity is 350 seats New Belgrade Srbija

brojevi u koloni=pozicija na svetskoj top listi (Alexa) VIII 2015 .


3.364.389 88 rooms Belgrade Srbija Andrea Mia, abortion pizzeria - on abortion Andrea Mia is expecting something warm, sweet, romantic, and definitely the music is fantastic ... New Belgrade Restaurant Angolo di Gusto Mladenovac

17.534.808 Apartments Singidunum Belgrade Srbija Clubs Azzaro - restaurants for weddings, for sale exclusive weddings in Belgrade, wedding halls New Belgrade Beograd

10.946.776 Restoran Club Bahus, abortion Belgrade Srbija

8.022.360 Restaurant Balkan-Ekspres on the Danube, "the smartest "pub in Europe - delivery of food and beverages Zemun Srbija

9.878.868 Bar Central- kAFE bar Belgrade Srbija

11.412.094 "Bellanapoli" ristorante & pizzeria Zemun Srbija

15.337.217 Beograd water - Belgrade picturesque and informative site about the life of the city on its shores (rafts, restaurants, clubs, bars), A place where time begins ... Belgrade Srbija

249.730 Belgrade at night Belgrade Srbija

8.430.289 Belgrade restaurants Belgrade Novi Sad Srbija Restaurant Bevanda- seafood restaurant Belgrade Srbija

3.494.965 Bg Info Box - Your Guide to Belgrade; Hotels, restaurants ... Belgrade Srbija Café Blue cafe - old MARKATOR New Belgrade Tavern Bohemian- a specialty that boasts the bohemian cafe Pirot ironed sausage bohemian garret ,, ,, Pirot Beograd Restaurant Lebanese cuisine - Byblos was created in 2002; Byblos the representative of the Lebanese Kefraya wines Belgrade Srbija The ship-restaurant "Laguna" - The first boat on the water, started in another in 1976, renovated with a beautiful view of the old town, Hotel docked at the heart of the city. A place for all tastes and senses .. Belgrade Srbija Boutique - cafe & restaurant Belgrade Tavern Čačanski residence - catering, music evenings Belgrade Caffe Club Leon Belgrade Caravaggio - International cuisine restaurant - beautiful harmony interior, top and tastefully arranged food, pleasant atmosphere enriched with soft music and friendly professional staff Mladenovac Srbija Mmm Pizza group Belgrade Novi Sad Niš Casa Nova - in the city center, on Dorcol, in the old town a neighborhood known for its multicultural ambience, is situated restaurant Italian-French cuisine Beograd Srbija

5.111.136 Coffeedream arose from a desire to create a place where you always drinking quality coffee Belgrade Srbija

17.777.088 Caffe Motif New Belgrade Srbija

19.338.997 Restaurant Casa nova Belgrade Srbija

7.633.536 Tavern Čedić- ethnic restaurant Belgrade Srbija

3.618.709 Balašević sports academy Belgrade Srbija

10.937.275 Chinese fast food house restaurant Chaos- beverage and food New Belgrade Srbija Chin-chin Belgrade Srbija

2.848.035 Restaurant Čobanov vacation- ethnic restaurants, restaurant Djuricic - Soccer Drinks and Food Belgrade Srbija Restoran Colonial Sun Belgrade Srbija

2.071.154 Country Club Babe- accommodation (rooms, apartments, villas), restaurant, Relax club Babe Srbija The restaurant Crna Maca New Belgrade

12.625.762 Cocktail bar Cruise Novi Belgrade Srbija

11.957.053 Cuoco Restaurant Belgrade Srbija

6.755.128 Tourist boat Danuvije - a cruise on the Danube and our rivers (Novi Sad - Sremski Karlovci - Beska - Smederevo - Titel - the Danube and Tisza - Vinca - Iron Gate - Viminacijum), Belgrade from the rivers, private parties, birthdays, weddings, parties and entertainment on board... Belgrade Srbija Diplomat Caffe Novi Belgrade Srbija Diwali - Indian restaurant Belgrade - Order food easily with home delivery from restaurants Serbia - restaurant menus and order food online from best restaurants with home delivery in Serbia- Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Subotica, Pancevo, Zrenjanin, Kragujevac, Krusevac, Kraljevo, Čačak (soon and others!) Belgrade Novi Sad Niš Subotica u još gradova

9.466.207 Dorian Gray restaurant bar Belgrade Srbija Restoran Dva Jelena in Skadarliji Belgrade Restaurant Pizzeria Etna Belgrade Srbija

4.347.731 Euro metro water Belgrade Srbija Extra Sushi - Sushi, Specialties, Drinks; Sushi, sashimi, rolls, sets, salads, dishes, side dishes, sauces, desserts, drinks ... Belgrade Srbija Has Fast food (fast food) - the restaurant offers grill, salad, pizza, pizza, pirogue, gyros, wrap, pancakes, sandwiches, ice cream, meals, etc; Food delivery and catering Belgrade Novi Beograd

9.960.312 Restaurant Film city Belgrade Srbija Flirting New Belgrade

19.042.294 Foody restaurant - choose and bring Novi Sad Novi Beograd Srbija

1.747.610 Restaurant Franche Belgrade Srbija

297.968 Where to get Belgrade Srbija

7.165.282 Restaurant Pizzeria Guli Belgrade Srbija Dine Tavern sea - fish restaurant Belgrade Srbija Hot-Good - Fast Food in the city center - half a meter hot dog-a Belgrade Hotel Kasina (3 *) is located in the center of Belgrade, across famous & nbsp; Terazije fountain erected during the reign of Milos Obrenovic; Hotel Kasina "One of the oldest hotels in Belgrade built in 1856; The name itself Kasina was founded in Italian say that the first indicating "summer & quot ;, but the restaurant Belgrade Srbija Hotel Park Belgrade Srbija

2.210.765 Hot spot will help you make the right choice to experience the best nightlife and make your exit long remember; Free book hundreds in any club or disco abortion in Belgrade! Belgrade Srbija Caffe Bar Showcase Belgrade

10.367.563 Restaurant Jezeronalazi on the left bank of the Sava Lake, in the divine nature of Ada Belgrade Srbija Restaurant K2 Belgrade Srbija

9.096.065 Kafanica- ethnic restaurant Belgrade Srbija

2.700.946 Kalemegdan Terrace Restaurant Belgrade Srbija Kasina Bar Belgrade Srbija Restaurant Kesten - celebrations, weddings, birthdays, baptisms Zemun Novi Beograd Kfc Belgrade Novi Sad Srbija Club 25 - a place for private parties; Want to celebrate your birthday, graduation, wedding, or to make any other the party? Klub "25" is the place for you ... We organize all types of parties from 30 to 100 guests Belgrade Srbija Klub Dobrila - someone's mother, someone girl, many friends, Dobrila ... always cheerful and smiling, ready to feed, watered and Good fun! Belgrade Srbija

4.172.231 Restaurant Writers Club Belgrade Srbija Clubs - clubs in Belgrade, night life, going out, reservations, phones, Address ... Belgrade Srbija Klub Studio fully equipped club rented for your birthdays, private parties, graduation parties and commercial parties, as well as for children's birthdays. Renting every day at very reasonable prices Belgrade Srbija

8.087.992 Knin Commerce Belgrade Srbija

14.892.804 Konak Vukašinović - Sala for weddings Belgrade; Restaurant for wedding In Belgrade; Cheap affordable accommodation in Belgrade Belgrade Srbija Restaurant Kovač- ethnic restaurant Belgrade Srbija

2.364.630 Congress Tourism - hotels, congress centers, agencies, restaurants Belgrade Srbija movies comedy Belgrade Srbija

17.518.938 Restaurant Kristal - Petlovo brdo Belgrade Srbija La Piazza Restaurant Belgrade Srbija

6.061.152 Life design hotel Belgrade Srbija

2.038.609 Restoran Madera Belgrade Srbija Caffe Pizzeria Maggiore - at the heart of Zemun, near Kay says the succulent Italian pizza where you can enjoy the pleasant ambience of cafe pizzerias Maggiore with emphatic tones relaxing music Zemun Beograd Hotel Majdan Belgrade

5.229.691 Macau Chinese Restaurant & 888 - the world of Chinese cuisine - delivery drinks and food Belgrade Srbija Restaurant Malevilla- seafood restaurant Zemun Srbija

9.156.754 maliraj Belgrade Srbija Restoran Mali Vrabac is in the the heart of Belgrade, in the bohemian Skadarlija district; Skadarska Street, length of 500m, paved cobbles, preserved autientičan look like in 18th century; Due to the proximity National Theatre, there are the late 19th and early 20th century after Many artists come to play, so that has emerged a large number of cafe Belgrade Srbija

14.529.233 Restaurant Manjež Belgrade Srbija

1.123.892 McDonald's Serbia Belgrade u još gradova Srbija Restoran Mika Alas- seafood restaurant Belgrade Srbija

6.081.731 Mr. Stefan Braun - Welcome to the club the highest European capital nightlife! Belgrade Srbija

6.261.506 Restaurant Mydan Belgrade Srbija

7.851.941 Nacional Bgd New Belgrade Srbija On the corner Belgrade

2.502.873 Find a restaurant - portal with information about restaurants and other restaurants in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia; On our web the site you can also find information about cafes, hotels, venues for weddings, wineries, pubs, palančinkarnicama, catering, etc. Belgrade Srbija Restoran Nišava Belgrade Srbija

2.961.618 Cafe Restaurant Novak Belgrade Srbija Restaurant Nova quiet night Belgrade Srbija Restaurants Eagle Belgrade Srbija Ozone hotels Belgrade Turija u još gradova

5.589.863 Panta Rei Restaurant Belgrade Srbija Restaurant Pink Belgrade Srbija

2.828.510 Caffe pizzeria Botako Belgrade Srbija Restaurant Porcellino Belgrade Srbija Restaurant "Family & quot ;, goods sole proprietor Belgrade

3.365.716 Rakia Bar - Happy Valley Belgrade Srbija

4.010.848 Restaurant reca- seafood restaurant Zemun Srbija 011 MBH - Catering services of food, beverages and accommodation Mladenovac Srbija The restaurant on the water Ada Belgrade Srbija Amici Restaurant - Trattoria Pizzeria Amici, tucked in peace and quiet Karađorđev park - and protected the trees, is the right place for lovers of Italian food. Pleasant - interior dominated by wood, stone and brick, complemented by a host of cues from the heart of Italy. The restaurant has a garden that overlooks the park Belgrade

10.060.078 Restaurant & nbsp; Atos New Belgrade Srbija

6.136.485 Restoran Caruso Belgrade Srbija Restaurant da Vinci Vinča Srbija

19.760.087 Restoran Đorđe Belgrade Srbija

7.921.449 Restaurant Djerdan Belgrade Srbija

5.082.335 Restoran Dren New Belgrade Srbija Restaurant Galija - Rental space, luxury sedans and organization weddings! Ugrinovci

19.760.088 Restoran Hajduk Belgrade Srbija Restaurants in Serbia - all the restaurants in one place - the telephone
, address book and
links restaurants in Serbia
Belgrade u još gradova
862.502 Restaurants- national, international, fish, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Mediterranean, vegetarian, Asian, Latin American, sushi bar, hunting, club restaurant & bar, beer, organic, weddings, weddings and celebrations, wineries, Thai, traditional, live music, urban, ethnic, restaurants, children's playground, pet friendly, Halls Belgrade u još gradova

4.669.486 Restaurants Belgrade Belgrade Srbija

1.917.316 Restaurants Belgrade a Belgrade Srbija

19.299.875 Restaurant There are days Belgrade Srbija Restoran Jevrem Belgrade Srbija International House Kay Kay Restaurant Zemun Restoran Košuta - An oasis of peace in Belgrade! Belgrade

19.673.168 Restaurant Marinade Belgrade Srbija Domestic restaurants MB Mladenovac Srbija

18.640.036 Restaurant milagro Zemun Srbija Mythologia restaurant is located in the center of Belgrade, near the market Slavija Belgrade

5.961.192 Restaurant Palazzopitti Belgrade Srbija Sun Cafe Restaurant, the ideal place for your sat by the river Zemun

15.876.760 Stenka restaurant on the coast- seafood restaurant Belgrade Srbija

3.935.383 Restaurants zasvadbe Belgrade Srbija

6.445.691 Restaurant for weddings Belgrade Srbija

18.515.810 Restaurant Guide Belgrade Srbija

15.882.333 Restaurant Sveti Nikola Belgrade Srbija

8.458.537 Restoran Tabor Belgrade Srbija Restaurant Tas Belgrade Restoran Trag Belgrade

16.706.049 Restaurant velikaskadarlija Belgrade Srbija

19.611.650 Restaurant Chains Belgrade Srbija

12.213.611 Restaurant Belgrade Srbija

12.171.127 Restaurant Z Belgrade Srbija

16.847.042 Restaurant for weddings Belgrade Srbija Restaurant Blighty - Gourmet paradise called Homeland Belgrade Šiljakovac Vranić Barajevo

11.263.088 Restoran Zlatar- ethnic restaurant Belgrade Srbija Restaurant Zvezdara Theatre Belgrade RIK Express Restaurant Obrenovac Srbija

12.957.497 Wedding hall - Restaurant Romantic night - organization of types of events, weddings, weddings, christenings and other celebrations ... Belgrade

4.560.680 Restaurant Šaran- seafood restaurant Zemun Srbija Restaurant Stara Sent Andrea - Zemun quay Zemun Beograd Restaurant Sheher Belgrade

1.001.737 The club Jakovo Belgrade Srbija FreeStyler 2011 - one of the most popular floats in Belgrade, Croatian famous for best sounds of house music and r`n`b-a Srbija

15.047.341 Restaurant cafe Godo Belgrade Srbija

12.010.013 Squadra Ltd. - Trade, wholesale and retail supplier of fresh, frozen and live fish, shellfish and seafood; Three "Fish bar" Belgrade Srbija

837.202 Košutnjak Club - Srbijašume Belgrade Srbija

16.639.550 Before UPD Stari grad ad are catering establishments: Hotel Kasina, restaurants: Three hats, Zlatan bokal, two white doves, Tašmajdan cafe, pastry shop Cafe Theatre Belgrade Srbija Restaurant Old Ognjiste - Ethno restaurant, is one of the most authentic of its kind in the capital New Belgrade

4.092.039 Sučević M doo - Ethnic restaurants, accommodation business world and lunches for school trips: the foot of Avala, restaurants capacity of about 150 City favorable pupil menus for touring Avala Tower Dugo Polje Beograd Srbija

4.277.814 Sunset Caffe - night life in Belgrade, Ada Ciganlija   Srbija

6.712.160 Restaurant Supermarket Belgrade Srbija Restaurant Top of the Hub is located on the 25th floor of the business center The mouth - we organize different types of events from corporate celebrations, cocktail parties, weddings, exclusive dinners, to cultural, educational and other events such as fashion shows, conferences and Presentation New Belgrade Srbija Jakarta   Srbija

17.861.126 Travelling Actor - food services and accommodation of guests in the heart of the Belgrade, in Skadarlij; Restaurant live music
`` Starogradska``; Travelling Actor, sur - luxurious comfort Accommodation in the center, a wide variety of local and international cuisine
Belgrade Srbija Restaurant Hotel Trim - with 80 seats and a large garden in the Outdoors, one of the most beautiful in Belgrade; Catering service for your special occasions, including buffet and classical lunches, for holidays birthday parties, important dates, business lunches ... Belgrade Srbija St. George - National Cuisine restaurant Borča Srbija Restaurant Villa 69 Belgrade Srbija

12.356.622 Villa Kalemegdan Belgrade Srbija

8.374.639 Restaurant Zabar- seafood restaurant Belgrade Srbija

6.651.005 Hotel restaurant Vila Panorama Belgrade Srbija Restaurant "Zapata "was founded in September 2005, and for a very short Time has gained many admirers and guests Belgrade

11.152.658 Restaurant Plot Belgrade Srbija Želturist Belgrade Vrnjačka banja Srbija

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