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Tourism, hotels

Hotels, apartments, rooms
Travel destinations
Tourist events
Tourist agencies

Restaurants, bars, clubs

Pizza, pizzeria, pancake
Catering, event organization
Catering equipment, crockery

Construction companies

Prefabricated houses
Architecture, design
Equipment for bathrooms, toilets

Swimming pools, saunas
Construction materials
Stone fireplaces, stone-cutters
Construction machinery, tools
PVC joinery, aluminum joinery
Construction - Other

Furniture, wood, wood industry
Floor coverings, flooring, carpets


Hair salons, beauty salons
Cosmetics, beauty products
Tattoo studios, tattoos, piercing
Dry Cleaning, Laundry
Jewelry, gold, jewelery, watches
Equipment for children
Sweaters, handicrafts, costume
Men's clothing, clothes for fuller
Working clothes, footwear, PPE
Printing on textiles and clothing
Wedding dresses
Bags, handbags, leather
Hats, scarves, gloves
Linen, underwear, textiles
Model agencies, fashion studios

Nature, animals
Flowers, flower shops, nurseries
Dogs kennel, dogs
Aquarium, fish, terrariums
Pigeons, pigeonry
Parrots, canaries, finches, birds
Animal feed, Pet Shops
Veterinary ambulance
Animal protection associations

Nature protection, ecology

Correspondence, dating

Personal & family sites
Forums, chat, blogs
Astrology, astrologers
Other entertainment facilities

Real estate
Real estate, sell, rent

Agriculture, food
Fruits, vegetables, food

Mineral water, healthy water
Juices, soft drinks, coffee
Bakery, bread, pastry
Milk products, milk, cheese
Confectionery, sweets
Honey, beekeepers

Healthy food, teas, herbs

Seeds, plant protection

Hygienic equipment & supplies
Supermarkets, trade, e-shops
Beer, wine, winery
Fish, fishing, fishing equipment
Agricultural machines, tools

Health, medicine

Clinics, hospitals, doctors
Dental surgery
Ophthalmologists, optics, glasses
Homes for elderly care

Health associations

Drugs, preparations, pharmacies
Medical equipment, devices


Computers, tech
Computers, accessories
Inkjet cartridges, toners
Household appliances
Office equipment, cash registers
Air conditioners, sales, service
Cameras, accessories

Mobile phones, fixed phones
Alarms, security, protection

CD/DVD, audio/photo/video
PC magazines, PC publishing
Providers, web hosting
Programming, web design

Universities, colleges
High schools

Elementary schools
Kindergartens, playgrounds
Computer schools

Language schools
Music school, choirs
Web sites for students
For high school students
For primary school pupils
Science, institutes
Education - other

Radio, TV stations
Radio stations

TV, broadcasting, video
News agencies

Free classifieds

Specialized classifieds

News, press
Daily newspapers, news, press

Local news, local press

Periodic newspapers, magazines

Transport, cars

New and used cars

Auto parts, car repair
Motorcycles, scooters, bicycles
Trucks, commercial vehicles
Aircraft, spacecraft
Ships, boats, vessels
Other vehicles
Automotive associations
Car registration & insurance
Transport, freight forwarding
Air transport, airports
River and sea transport
Rent A Car
Auto magazines and ads
Driving schools
Building roads, elevators

Tools, industry, crafts
Metal industry, wrought iron
Chemistry, chemical Industry
Plastic, rubber, packaging

Energy, electronics


Government, institutions
State-owned companies
Humanitarian organizations
Red Cross
Citizens' associations, NGOs
Women's organizations & NGOs

Political parties

Cities, regions
Belgrade (City)
Serbia - central
Kosovo & Metohia
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Other regions, etc.

Specialized pages:

Musicians, singers, bands
Studios, equipment, instruments

Other unsorted websites

Postal & courier services
Banks, insurance companies
Brokers, finance
Jobs, business contacts
Printing, graphics, design
Office equipment & supplies
Marketing, management
Bookkeeping, accounting
Translation agencies
Other legal service
Funeral services & equipment

Culture, arts

Galleries, painters
Photography, art photography
Theatres, theater arts
Film, film art, cinemas
Sculpture, carving, etc.
Literature, publishing, books
Schools of Dance / Dance Clubs
Churches, orthodox, religion
Other churches / faith
Historical facilities
Other cultural facilities

Sport news
Sports equipment
Football clubs and school
Indoor soccer / Futsal
Football associations & other
Basketball teams
Basketball league, associations
Basketball camps
Basketball - other
Volleyball - clubs, associations
Volleyball - other
Tennis - clubs, associations
Tennis - other
Table Tennis
Water polo
Jet ski
Rafting, kayaking, canoeing
Aviation, aero clubs
Hiking, mountain climbing
Aerobics / Pilates
Fitness centers, gyms
Fitness - Other
American football
Auto/moto sport
Kung Fu
Fencing, Kendo
Other martial arts
Domestic athletes
Personal trainers
Sport centers
School sports
Other sports associations/clubs
Sport - Other

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Recommended sites for za 04.02.2016

www.officepro.rs Officepro Online - office equipment, online shop - Supplies: inkjet cartridges, laser toner cartridges, fax cartridges, strip Typewriter; Devices: printers, multifunction devices, fax machines, scanners, computer equipment; Office supplies: for holidays archiving, a desk, stationery, paper/labels, notes, notebooks, exercise books, blackboards and equipment for presentations; Free Shipping Belgrade (for legal entities); Tel./Fax: 011 3110329 Belgrade
New Belgrade
www.lawyer.co.rs Law office Žigić - Legal representation, advisory help for domestic and foreign customers; A wide range of services in the field of economic, criminal, civil, inheritance, administrative and working law, real estate transactions ... Expertiza, contracts, indemnities probate proceedings, division of property, alimony, registration Futoška 1A; Mob: +381 63 831 0616, Tel/Fax: +381 21494734 Novi Sad
www.wtl.rs WTL - Welding: MIG/MAG arc welding, TIG apparatus, apparatus for plasma cutting; Welding torches MIG/ MAG, TIG welding torches, plasma torch cutting; equipment Welding: automatic welding helmets-masks, personal protective equipment, reducers-pressure gauges, sprays and pastes, cables; Consumables Material: MIG/MAG wires and TIG welding rods, Tungsten electrodes, coated with electrodes; Cutting equipment: band saws, angle grinders, grinding wheels; Savska 4; Tel/fax: +381 24600997 Subotica Serbia
www.lekovitobilje-sibra.com Association for Scientific Research and herbal medicine Sibra 1990 - herbs, herbal teas, syrups - we can help a lot of diseases: systemically erythematosus, thrombocytopenia, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatic diseases, epi attacks, miltipleks sclerosis, vitiligo, Candida, kidney stones and gall bladder, psoriasis, eczema ...; Tel: 060/3531170 Zrenjanin Serbia
www.omnigum.com Omnigum - manufacture of rubber parts for industrial machines construction machinery, agricultural and cargo program: Rubber vibro brackets, spacers, handles, bumpers for aggregates, generators, compressors, vibro frogs, vibrating tables, vibrating plates, refrigerators, air devices, fans, rubber feet, mats for industrial and građev. machinery; Kamenova 72, tel: 061/700-7058, fax: 022/552-899 Inđija Serbia
    The Association of Serbian landlords, was founded in 2014 with the the intention and desire to help landlords to exercise their right and to protect their interests. The basic idea is that the landlords from all over Serbia through its association unite and Omas, in order to influence on legislatures to abolish bad and to make better laws Zrenjanin Serbia
www.dragana-simic.webnode.com Dragan Simić-Art - Dragan Simić has been painting since her early childhood! Creates still lives - featuring that everyone understands! Her oil paintings have been sold to art lovers in all parts of the world. Always, only exclusive, original oil on canvas   Serbia
www.loreto-enterijeri.com Loreto Enterijerti - luxury forniture & amp; interior design - exclusive Furniture, cabinets, desks and tables, consoles, mirrors, dressers, lamps and chandeliers, chairs (wood, metal, plastic, artistic, synthetic, leather restored, the courtyard, bar, Office for Health ...), safes, decoration, chairs, sofas, Modular Furniture, single-seater, two-seater ...; Mirče Aceva 25, Belgrade, Croatian tel/fax: +381 11 3975718, mob: +381 69 3837790; +381 63 7863080; Bulevar November 29, Bar, tel/fax: +382 30314135, mob: +382 67316133, +382 67 46 11 70 Belgrade
www.vujanovic.co.rs Workshop Vujanovic, handicraft production workshop for making items made of brass, aluminum, bronze, castle and other non-ferrous Metal, founded in 1997 - accessories for tombstones monuments (letters, frames, crosses, memorials, ornaments, rings, lamps, important, roses, vases, tiles ...), art objects, technical liv per order, various types of galvanic protection, blasting all kinds of letters on stone, moldings, fotokeramika; Tel: +381 34 6790395, fax: +381 34 6790515, mob. phone: +381 63 8155252 Aranđelovac Serbia
www.piranabend.rs Pirana band - band for weddings and celebrations, known for its good energy and superb performances - Many years of experience and a maximum commitment of the members of the band puts them in the right order and reputed professionals; Those familiar with the many genres of music and people stand behind a lot of shows all over the region and abroad; Tel: 064 130 3299, 063 285 946   Serbia
www.decijiizlog.com Kids showcase - prams, toys, baby equipment and children toys; Bežanijskih ilegalaca 3; Tel: (011) 41 35 171, mob: 063/49 77 33 New Belgrade
u još gradova
www.homeopatijabeograd.com Homeopathy as a method of improving the health of the entirely natural means, in our being open all the hidden and stopped potential and allows it to be at the level of our thoughts, emotions and body establish a balance; Homeopaths Andreina Golanda, homeopathic Preparations homeopathic treatment, pellets, tablets, tinctures, Mobile phone: (+381) 065 555 11 45 Belgrade Serbia
www.kuvarskedaske.com Eco-cooking cutting boards and cutting, unique, hand- made from dry, high-quality, mildly steamed beech wood resistant to bending and cutting, lasting, mosaics in the system and in the system laminating, impregnated and certified; State of the art methods craftsmanship and rich experience; Ability to create boards of your choice and custom; Sending a courier; Tel: 063/263 938 Belgrade Serbia
www.beteco.co.rs Beteco - Personal protective equipment: two-piece business suits, multiple compartments, coveralls, work vests and bras, working coats, jackets and working jackets, uniforms, work shirts and shirts, work pants, work sets; Protective helmets and caps, goggles and masks, ear muffs, protective gloves, raincoats, Protective Footwear; Palmira Toljatija 68b; Phones: +381 (11) 3190701, +381 (11) 3190702, +381 (11) 3190703 New Belgrade Serbia
    Sale of land in Vojvodina, Srem, Fruska Gora in the territory of Municipalities with the Municipality of Irig Ruma close Ruma. For sale is a field + acacia forests, the total area of ​​15.01 Ha Irig
www.gmc.rs GMC - pools (hotel, family, mechanical rooms), building, sales, installation and service, pool equipment (surface and floor Pickers impurities, underwater lights, filter pumps, filters, Heating pool water, swimming pool water disinfection, reliable Care to maintain quality of the pool water, automatic command equipment, water attractions, cleaning equipment swimming pools, covers for swimming pools, other equipment); Karađorđeva 58, Phones: +381 34330314, +381 64 246 18 88 Kragujevac Serbia
www.zastitaodpozara.net Boza Engineering - Fire Protection (PDO/PPZ), fire equipment, fire equipment, fire service, hoses, nozzles, connectors, cabinets, keys for hydrants hydrants ground and underground, table warning, first aid cabinets, fire extinguishers, hydrant network, alarms and video surveillance, sensor lighting, video audio intercom, intercoms, sales and installation, fire services measurement, service; Vojvode Stepe 293; Tel: 063 231 937 064 4,381,535 Belgrade Serbia

Sremski Karlovci - informal presentation of Sremski Karlovac Sremski
www.geo-gal.com Geo-Gal, service and repair of optical instruments: Geodetic instruments, microscopes, stereo magnifying glass, polarimeters, ophthalmic instruments, refractometers, gynecological equipment (colposcope) Appliances Meat Inspection (trichinoscope, binokurane magnifying glass), apparatus for holidays observation and hunting (binoculars, riflescopes), measuring instruments ... Dr Ivana Ribara 176; Contact numbers: mob: 063/80 31 192, fax/tel: 011/227 40 31 New Belgrade Serbia
www.serviskompjutera.com Integral, service computers - software: reinstallation, the installation drivers and programs, virus cleaning, office, data recovery ...; Hardware: service of computers, motherboards, graphics cards, hard discs, repair TFT monitor, service plate industrial Electronics ...; Laptop: laptop service, cleaning, replacement parts Diagnostics ...; Networks: computer networking, maintenance, sharing setting, wireless and lan ...; Tel: 064-114-29-14 Belgrade Serbia
www.ladorica-enterijeri.com La Dorica Group Ltd. - luxury forniture & amp; interior design - exclusive Furniture, cabinets, desks and tables, consoles, mirrors, dressers, lamps and chandeliers, chairs (wood, metal, plastic, artistic, synthetic, leather restored, the courtyard, bar, Office for Health ...), safes, decoration, chairs, sofas, Modular Furniture, single-seater, two-seater ...; Mirče Aceva 25, Belgrade, Croatian tel/fax: +381 11 3975718, mob: +381 69 3837790; +381 63 7863080; Bulevar November 29, Bar, tel/fax: +382 30314135, mob: +382 67316133, +382 67 46 11 70 Belgrade
www.mat-morovic.co.rs National House M & amp; T - in the middle of beautiful nature, forests, beautiful rivers and clean air, just a few km from the VU & quot; Morović & quot ;; Meet beauty Bosuta, Studva, Bosut Forest ... A large selection of food and drinks, salads, specialties, desserts; Helpful organizing different kinds of celebrations, lunches, banquets; Bosutska 7; Telephone: 022/736-723, 022/736-905,
Mobile: 065/602-7801, 063/159-4836
www.nekretnine-modrica.com Millenium Real Estate - sales and issuance of business/business space and apartments in Modrica and Samac; Tel: 0038 65881484 7, 0038 1 63393511 Modriča
Bosnia and Herzegovina
www.anica-verica.info Anica & amp; Verica - word processing, graphic services, prepares for holidays Press ... Processing ancient texts and manuscripts, processing old files, making the family tree ...; Services of a professional shooting objects, space objects, specific events, people, animals, plants, art photography; Phone: 064/503-0699 Belgrade Serbia
www.deltaapartmani.com Delta Apartments - Belgrade City Apartments - Renta stan per day/ Apartment accommodation in Belgrade on a daily basis; Select quality accommodation for your stay in Belgrade, one and two-bedroom apartments, apartments with parking, Belvil settlement, Beogradska Arena ... Phone: +381 63 8120 715 and +381 64 1510 555 Belgrade
New Belgrade
www.dekorsoft.rs Soft decor - prefabricated houses - houses custom! Chalets, design solutions, Ivanjički type, the use of ecological materials, creating a clean and healthy environment, the realization of each of your ideas, respect the agreement; Pavle Jurisic - Sturm 4, Belgrade, phone: + 381 (0) 60 50 30 139/ + 381 (0) 65 87 57 199; EJ Transport j.d.o.o., Old Pavljani 9, Bjelovar, phone: +385 (0) 99702-5665; +385 (0) 97702-5665 Belgrade
www.lasercentarflamingo.com Laser Center Flamingo - beauty salon/beauty salon, solarium - Laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, cavitation, mesotherapy, sugar paste, dry pedicure, strengthen nails, Mesotherapy free needles, permanent french hands and feet, waxing cold and hot wax, massage; Deligradska 9, Belgrade; Tel: 011 361 77 65 011 264 53 62 Belgrade Serbia
www.stefanon.rs Stefanon - Lux apartments for lodging and vacation rentals in the center of Belgrade, Croatian Tel: +381637703553 or 06442 99944 Belgrade
New Belgrade
www.dijabetes-sibra.com Association for Scientific Research and herbal medicine Sibra - 1990 has a natural product that will help with Type 2 diabetes, in a short time regenerate the pancreas and significantly reduce the level of blood sugar; It is possible to completely - a permanent solution to this problem and cessation of all symptoms; Tel: 060/3531170 Zrenjanin Serbia
www.trtepihit.rs Tr TepiHit - carpets, PVC linoleum, parquet, laminate, carpet-carpeting; Čumićevo sokače 2/69, tel: 011/323-5507, 064/110-7819 Belgrade Serbia
www.webdizajn.studio Web Design Studio - Studio for professional development of web sites and internet marketing. The role of the site is to attract and engage users, raise awareness about a product or service and in the right way represents your brand. Fast and cheap services without hidden costs; Phone: +381 65 200 2291 Belgrade Serbia
www.aureuslive.com Aureus Band - the band for weddings, weddings, clubs and parties - bend with a tradition of over 13 years to energetic gigs tone quality, modern performing arts and visual performance and well-chosen repertoire of your wedding, wedding, party, birthday, graduation or any other party to do unforgettable; Phone: +381 65 84 83 284 Novi Sad Serbia
www.dzolev.com Polyclinic Džolev - general dentistry, maxillofacial surgery, dental prosthetics, orthodontics, oral surgery, zubnoprotetska laboratory; Prof. Dr. Sci Asen Džolev, maxillofacial surgeon; Your Stajića 4; Phone: +381., +381. Novi Sad Serbia
www.agrostemin.co.rs Agrostemin Ltd., founded in 2001, with the only task to protect
the integrity and reputation of the preparation agrostemine ® acquired decades successful application in agriculture ; Agrostemin the biostimulator a wide range of effects, natural origin, used in agriculture to increase yields, improve quality of generation ...; king Milutina 26; Tel: +381 (11) 2682 664, +381 (64) 1478 008,
fax: +381 (11) 2682 664
Adis Abeba
http://brac-zemljiste.swanbell.com Beautiful building plot of 528m2 situated on a one of the most attractive locations in Milna, above bay/marine Vlaska, 200m from the coast overlooking the sea; Car access, perfect for holidays a villa or apartment, Price 90,000 EU; Tel: +381 63289812, +381 62209329 Milna

www.fotoluka.com Foto Luka - production photos, photo book, photo mugs, digital photo frame, retouch, convert to dvd ...; Paunova 30; Phone: 011 266 33 22, mobile: 069 266 33 22 Belgrade Serbia
www.coachingmagazin.rs Holistic Coaching Magazine - life, business, inspiration, love, health, astrology, workshop, HLC, press Belgrade Serbia
www.ciscenjeobjekata.com Perfect Clean - Agency for cleaning and maintenance of apartments and buildings - Daily maintenance, cleaning and deep cleaning furnitureâ, cleaning hard floors and floor coverings, curtains, window washing and glass surfaces, wash the interior of the vehicle, cleaning PVC and waxing and various unconventional services: cleaning of leaves and snow, edit lawns, home, purchase supplies, board, help the elderly; Tel: 069/1510-012, 011/3431-289 Belgrade Serbia
www.dunavortopedija.com Dunav orthopedics ad - For making orthopedic devices - Soccer orthopedic aids, orthopedic Footwear for children and adults, girdles, Cheneau corsets, belts and weights, prosthetics, orthotics, wheelchairs, crutches, rods, sticks relying on the four points, walkers, mechanical controls for vehicles of disabled persons, toilet supplies ... We produce all kinds of orthopedic aids, orthopedic Danube - Soccer 60 years with you! Futoški put br. 4, Tel: +381 21 6393 455, +381 21 6393 055, Fax: +381 21 6396 010 Novi Sad
www.languar.net Languar - Advanced people-powered online translation service - Translate your material in a very proffesional, fast and easy way, try our translation API; Languar translation services - reliable, afordable, proffesional. Our translators are highly skilled, native speaker proffesionals for very afordable price; Phone: +381 64 232 3727 Belgrade Serbia
www.spelling.rs Translation agency "Spelling", specializing in all kinds of written translation, professional texts from various fields, writing translating all kinds of documents, certified by a court translator, translate web pages and advertising messages; translations We deliver on the territory of Serbia in the mail within 1 or 2 business of the day; Make sure that our strengths: quality, speed and competitive prices! Contact phone: +381 60 333 74 02, +381 60 333 74 03; Ive Milutinovića 35 Vršac Serbia
www.bril.rs Bril, anatomic Footwear - Women's and men's clogs, women's and men's slippers, women's and men's summer slippers, women flip flops, women fashion clogs, women sandals, production and sales; Uniforms, sales, Titelska 3, Subotica; Telephone: 066 227771, 066227770, 066 227772 Subotica
Novi Sad
u još država

Sjedinjene Američke Države
www.babarogabend.com Babaroga wedding band is a young team of professionals to its knowledge, talent and energy to derive maximum in order to create superior Atmospheric supported tonal quality and stage presence. Through years of work and experience of our team specializes in weddings, and the same quality and energy will magnify your birthday, graduation, Baptism ..; Balzakova 71; Tel: 064 99 16 172 Novi Sad Serbia
www.regist.co.rs Du & amp; Zon - holder of the registration stickers - The sole purpose: to permanently holds a registration sticker. We have solved your problem of setting up and removing registration stickers on your vehicle! Have Holder your vehicle means no more annoying, buying acetone, razor blades when changing the registration stickers! Mobile phone: 062 153 27 20 Belgrade
www.ciscenjestanova.com Agency for cleaning houses and buildings' 'Dex Perfect Shine' - & nbsp; cleaning of apartments and shops, hygiene, cleaning of residential buildings and businesses, washing windows, glass surfaces and carpets, deep vacuuming; Mobile phone: 061/633 92 17, 060/330 59 82, 063/226 343 New Belgrade Serbia
www.3dstolarija.com 3D - Interior entrance doors ALU, PVC and aluminum windows, Rehau chamber, six-chamber Gealan, Inoutic chamber, cold and heat fine, cold aluminum sliding system, Alumil Profiles, Etem Profiles, doors, garage doors, shutters, blinds, canopy and boards; Popova Bara Nova 1 br. 43d; Tel. 011/4151-365, Mob. 064/208-52-65 Borča
www.trubacizasvadbe.com  Trumpeters Victoria - orchestra composed in 2002 on the initiative of Dragana Kocic, a longtime member of the orchestra of Boban i Marko Markovic; The orchestra has collaborated in addition Boban i Marko Markovic and with herbs Krstić, Balkanika orchestra, Goran Bregovic and Serbia many other famous artists; Tel: +381 64 126 10 62, +381 62 848 11 94, +381 62 874 02 25, +381 63 855 40 11, +381 61 669 44 97   Serbia

www.amazona-akvaristika.com Amazon - production of aquariums, terrariums and fountains to order, complete installation of aquariums, aquarium maintenance service, terarujuma and fountains; a large selection of pumps, heaters, filters, aquarium plants, decorations, cages, tropical fish, turtle, rabbits, hamsters small animals, parrots; Mali Kalemegdan 8; Tel: 064/12-12-887, 063/22-52-80 Belgrade
www.autoline.rs Auto Line doo is a company that is more than 14 years engaged in selling auto parts - parts for Volkswagen, Opel (GM - General Motors), BMW, Skoda, Audi, SEAT and other vehicles. Original parts, WIX filters, Febi- Bilstein program, parts for Original Equipment (OE) manufacturer Mahle, Topran, Slm (heaters diesel engines), auto electricity, cables ... North bulevar 5v, Višnjička 34; & nbsp; Telephone: 011/72 90 100, 011/20 84 088; Opel and Chevrolet: 011/20 86 200, 011/29 79 200; BMW and Mini: 011/361 95 95 011/361 88 28 Belgrade Serbia
www.lagunabend.com Laguna band - band for urban weddings - stylish band of clubs Urban weddings, parties, birthdays, graduations, celebrations and all kinds of fun! Repertoire: fun, party, folk, old, songs for the first dance; Phones: +38163 859 06 35, +38163 713 89 60 Belgrade Serbia
www.guarnerius.rs Guarnerius Centre of Arts Jovan Kolundzija, institutions culture of national importance - concerts, festivals, competitions, exhibitions, master classes, presentations, lectures, theater performances, literary evenings, humanitarian actions, seminars, presentations, conferences, fashion shows, auctions ... Unique neo-Baroque interior, with exceptional acoustics, the hall makes it one of Guarnerius most of the chamber space in this part of Europe; George Washington 12; Phone: 011/33 45 237 Belgrade
www.renodelovi-line.com Auto Line Ltd. is a company that since 1995, specializes in selling original spare parts and parts for the first installation (Original Equipment) for the vehicle brands: Renault, General Motors Opel, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, BMW, etc.; & Nbsp; Brands: Febi, Bilstein, Bremen, Sachs, Mahle, Tesla, Filtron, Huco and others; The offer and parts for Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot, etc; Auto accessories; 5V Northern Boulevard; Phone: 011/20 84 089 Belgrade Serbia
www.fedra.rs Fedra doo, accounting agency - accounting, Accounting: Payroll and other employee benefits and physical person, registration and deregistration of employees and family members, assembling all bookkeeping. records and fin. report, the removal of tax returns and certification same with the Tax Administration; Consulting in all areas of service delivery, we are specialized in tax consulting; Tel/Fax: 011 2653-037, 011 3699-119; Bulevar Vojvode Mišića 39a, second floor Belgrade Serbia
www.autodelovi-online.rs Auto Line Plus - auto parts for Opel and Chevrolet, wholesale, Wix filters, Febi Bilstein parts of high quality, original gMOVE parts, Roadhouse program, Autom, Mahle, Elring, Sachs, Ate, Bremen, Wahler, Bosch, Gates, Blue print, Textar, Ina, Fag ...; Also available parts for BMW and Mini, VW, Mercedes, Ford, Volvo, Korean and Japanese vehicles, oils, liquids and akomulatori; Auto Line Ltd. dealing with specialized sales since 1995. Višnjička 34; Tel: 011/20-86-200, 011/29-79-200 Belgrade
www.umeljic.com Veroljub Umeljić - In the world of bees - site, texts, books and magazine Apiculture & quot; Pčelarski Journal & quot ;; Apiaries, nuts, swarms, bee products, honey (Acacia (šumadijski), Sand (Pester) Sunflower (Vojvodina) Honeycomb in honey, comb honey, propolis drops sales and delivery; Phone: 034/6362-879; 063-814-80-80 Kragujevac
www.autoservis-line.com Auto Service Auto Center Line is owned by a reputable company Auto Line Ltd., a high-capacity services and features: auto-diagnostics, Service auto-climate, wheel alignment, tire repair, installation shock absorber, the first official Bilstein service in Serbia; Maintenance and vehicle repair, auto mechanic for Opel, VW & nbsp; Volkswagen, Skoda, Peugeot, Renault, Fiat, Citroen, BMW, Mercedes benz; Auto Parts & Jovanke Radaković 33a; Phone: 011/27 56 034, 011/27 56 826 Belgrade Serbia
www.peugeotcitroendelovi.com Peugeot & amp; Citroen Parts - site of company Auto Line Ltd. - The original parts for Peugeot (Peugeot, Peugeot) and Citroen, as well as parts for the first installation (OE). Volkswagen, Opel, BMW, Skoda, Audi, Seat etc 5V Northern Boulevard; Phone: 011/20 84 089 Belgrade Serbia
www.bmwdelovi.com BMW Line is an online company Auto Line plus for sale spare parts for BMW cars - BMW original parts, wix filters, febi bilstein-program, parts for the first fitting manufacturer Mahle, Topran, Slm (heaters diesel engines), Bremen (auto electricity, kablobi, Caps hand, bobbins) Sachs, Ate, Bremen, FTE-FAG, Hela ... Višnjička 34; Telephone: 011/3619 595, 011/3618 828 Belgrade Serbia
www.eterna.co.rs Specialized Center for the Advancement of beauty Eterna - hyaluronan, mesotherapy, lifting of 3D strands, facials, laser treatments, PRP-Dracula, massages - With us, let Your beauty is eternal! Hilandarska 16; Phone: 060/75-75-755 and 064/410-6666 Belgrade
www.abcsoft.rs  ABC Soft - website development, network design and systems, web websites; Accounting program Abcsoft for small and medium-sized Enterprises, very stable, very cheap, and some very dedicated small scale business completely free (Pos cash or shop, wholesale, retail, payroll, production, free, tax ...) Vršac
www.ermagazin.com Er Magazin - mysteries, shocking, lifestyle, entertainment, science, art, travel, hilarious clips, did you know ?, optical Illusion strange ...  
Dawizz - Software for organizational and economic purposes - Anndrag Ltd., a newly established company making software, whose parent Company Anndrag GmbH in Germany since 2001 supplying industrial and trading company, its main companies in different countries; Sv. Nastasijević 20; Tel .: +381 26 4617 512; +381 64 4021 388 Smederevo

www.mediante.rs Mediante - comprehensive translation services in Serbia and in the Abroad, written and oral translations, editing and proofreading, subtitling and synchronization, localization and translation of websites, cooperation with publishers and language courses (standard, specialized, Serbian language for foreigners, preparation for internationally recognized exams, courses English language in Malta); Metropolitan of Petra 17/13; Phone: +381 11 329 24 78; +381 63 107 35 30 Belgrade Serbia
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Svi linkovi u našoj bazi, osim Prijateljskih su privremeno i besplatno i redovno se zamenjuju.
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Domeni i web adrese u našem vlasništvu su:

www.yumreza.info www.yumreza.net i www.rsmreza.in.rs (specijalizovani za ex-Yu i Srbiju)
www.bamreza.xyz (specijalizovan za Bosnu i Hercegovinu)
www.mkmreza.net (specijalizovan za Makedoniju)
www.memreza.xyz (specijalizovan za Crnu Goru)
www.topworldsites.xyz (specijalizovan za svet)

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