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Architecture, design - SERBIA
Aqua Art Project - a
Architecture of design, engineering, design interior and works
Belgrade Srbija
Jela wounds - wooden houses, log cabins, amusement parks and other wood objects, design, production and assembly; Facilities seizrađuju on demand, according to customer
Oktopaz Ltd. - Consulting in the field of real estate development (Civil Engineering) and management consulting; Consulting services for the successful implementation of all phases of development, from the initial idea to the completion of the project; Creative, practical advice and consulting to improve the business performance of your company
Belgrade Srbija
Geometer, geodetic services, engineering geodesy, design, SDC Professional, Belgrade,
SDC Professional - Geometer, geodetic services, all types, engineering geodesy: geodetic survey, study of geodetic works, delimitation, legalization, parcelling, marking of the building, preparation of cadastral and topographic plans, calculation of cubature, specification of special parts of the building, survey of underground lines and installations, foundation control, object settlement monitoring... Design and other services in the field of construction; Radnička 5g; Phone: 060/5272182, 060/5272182
Belgrade Srbija
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Click HERE Serbian Academy of Architecture Belgrade Srbija
ABA Consulting - construction, investment, consulting, Design Belgrade
Srbija Abakus   Srbija Abr   Srbija
Adaptation and Design Ltd. - Design and execution of interior and exterior New Belgrade
Srbija Adoc   Srbija Agm   Srbija
Project Centar doo Sombor - company for the design, supervision and engineering service Sombor
Srbija Agm book - primary business is publishing and distribution of professional books in the field of civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, process engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics and professional dictionaries ... Zemun Srbija AlterEgo Architects - edit an apartment, house or home; Architectural studio and Offices, furniture design, interior design, space, ekterijera, home and apartment   Srbija

Anti Atom doo - A company for radiation measurements and engineering Consulting - dismantling of radioactive lightning rods, design, performance of new lightning conductors devices for early Starter - Electric Lightning Belgrade

AP Company - company in research, design and trade in the field of civil engineering and geotechnics Belgrade
Srbija Aqva Center - landscape architecture Belgrade Srbija Architectum   Srbija - design in architecture, interior design, execution of final and craft works in the construction industry Belgrade Srbija Architect - Architectural personal portfolio Kraljevo Srbija - magazine for architects and students of architecture; Architecture, architectural projects, buildings, houses and apartment projects, interior, student works Belgrade

Srbija Architects Tomić Gornji
Srbija Arch. Ћivorad Lisičić - CITY Engineering d.o.o.   Srbija Artica international, design and engineering - new company founded in 2010 with the design and engineering as well as Main activity   Srbija Arting   Srbija Asa Srbija As-Ing is company engaged in the design, construction, reconstruction, restoration and housing investment, business commercial, public and industrial facilities by the system & quot; key in the hand & quot; Belgrade Srbija Dejan Babovic, architect Belgrade Srbija Beometal - Engineering construction; building design facilities; final and craft works in the construction industry Belgrade Srbija BG-Invest - the company for design, consulting and engineering Belgrade Bina   Srbija BiroPlus - Joint stock company for design, consulting and Engineering, founded in 1954. by a group of professionals with Croatian Investors aim to offer the best services in the field of design Vršac Srbija Via the Bureau - Ivanović Vojvodić architects Architecture and design Novi Sad Srbija BMD Bau - engineering, construction, internal and external trade - BMD Bau is engaged in designing, consulting in civil engineering, architecture and environmental protection, performing construction works, performing different types of measurement and analysis, Renewable energy   Srbija Bramac roof system - fully solution for the roof; One system many advantages; Everything from one source: from tiles made custom through fittings and equipment to the roof of ancillary services high quality; Simulation online New Belgrade
Srbija Brava Casa - Bring beauty to your home Belgrade Srbija Cab Belgrade Srbija

Centroprojekt - SPZ - the design and engineering of all types Objects and infrastructure ...


Srbija Chempoint Engineering - architectural design, The interior design, engineering and consulting, urban operations (analysis and performing procedures with the competent authorities), construction jobs (Contracting, hiring ...) Belgrade Srbija Coing Novi Sad Srbija Concept studio Srbija Cubex - architectural studio   Srbija Dak - investment in construction, design and Engineering Beočin Srbija Daam Studio architects Belgrade Srbija Association of Architects of Novi Sadaobjedinjuje, coordinates, represents and represents the technical, professional and social interests of its members Novi Sad Srbija  Deltapro, architectural office - Projects houses, design   Srbija Descon - Construction and construction-craft works, architecture design and structural analysis of buildings, design and construction of exclusive design, rationalization ... Belgrade Srbija Directorate for Planning and Construction of Krusevac - planning design, engineering, investment, development of construction land, public procurement Kruševac Srbija Design architecture Srbija Dm design Belgrade Srbija DOMAA - Dom architects, design office Belgrade Srbija Domus   Srbija Drago Project - a company for designing, engineering, consulting and works New Belgrade Srbija
Energoprojekt Holding ad - Hydro facilities, facilities water management New Belgrade Srbija Enteco d.o.o. - Engineering in construction , consulting, design and buildings and civil engineering Užice Srbija Ep-industry

Project Offices & quot; Form Antiquity & quot; Ltd. - Design of all architectural objects, objects for which permits are issued by The Ministry and the revitalization of the architectural heritage Niš

Srbija Formarojekt - Architectural and interior design, engineering, consulting - design and construction of residential, business exhibition and industrial buildings: preliminary design, detailed design, performance, engineering, supervision, project supervision and legalization   Srbija

Genal- programs to support the design and manufacture of carpentry and fasadaod aluminum and PVC Niš
Srbija Surveying Bureau Ablis - types of surveying services, surveying, cadastre Legalization Belgrade Srbija Bureau of Surveying Meridijan Projekt - industrial geodesy, engineering Surveying   Srbija Surveyor in Belgrade - Geostart - Agency for surveying services Legalization-recording and drawing objects (recording) the plan Real Estate Cadastre, recording and drawing objects with the the construction permit for the registration of the Real Estate Cadastre and Land Registry, restoring the limits of boundaries of cadastral parcels ... Belgrade Srbija Geometarprojekt   Srbija Company to Design GISTEC Consulting Ltd., GIS - Soccer geographic information system Belgrade Srbija

Građevinar - Kocic - design, consulting, engineering ...


Srbija Goblen studio - a specialized bureau for professional 3D Display in architecture and design Belgrade Srbija Godea   Srbija Gomide Goran Marković Gosa-mounting - building design Objects n Controls in construction works ... Velika Plana Srbija Builder Engineering - planning, design and supervision construction of housing and other facilities by the system & quot; turn-key & quot; in country and abroad, and activities in the field of foreign and internal trade; The company is also the founder of the Faculty of Construction Management ... Belgrade Srbija
Project Offices & quot; Construction Centre & quot; - Design, control, Stir-fert, building Kruševac

Kolubara Invest - construction - design, construction, project management (control) and consulting in the field of construction and architecture


Srbija Road Institute a.d - scientific-research activities, expert activities and consultancy services in the field of roads; From action bridges and viaducts Belgrade Srbija

Hidroprojekt - traffic - construction design


Srbija Imel Group - consulting, design, equipment, engineering, development and trade New Belgrade Srbija
Ivaning Ltd. - A company for designing, engineering and Marketing, General distributor FINKTEC Gmbh Novi Sad

Iwa Consalt Ltd. - Company for design and engineering consulting Belgrade
Srbija Insulation - Metalware, plumbing works, waterproofing flat roofs, basement, pool ... Novi Sad Srbija pairs - are developing: family houses with one or more residential units, smaller outlets - from small and rational standard houses to exclusive villas of different architectural expression ... Nova Pazova Srbija

Kapaprojekt - design, engineering, consulting, expert control.



Konstruktor-Consulting - company for consulting, engineering and design of building structures; We offer consulting services investors, as well as the services of design, supervision and execution of all types of buildings.



Koning - design and execution of construction, guidance projects for renowned investors according to the "turnkey" execution and control of the building sector ... Užice
Novi Sad
Consulting Ltd. - Design and legalization of buildings, execution construction works, engineering, real estate agency Stara Pazova
Srbija KUBARCH - design of buildings and interiors, design, control, consulting, engineering Subotica Srbija

Limis Ltd. - Design, real estate; Free alternative to AutoCAD - legal CAD programs - progeSOFT MP - progeCAD 2008 Ruma

Srbija Studio Maart - making professional architectural models Belgrade Srbija Maљinoprojekt   Srbija Mitarh Ltd. architectural studio   Srbija

Montinvest - u rbanizam, design, planning and preparation of technical documentation ; The design of buildings, architectural design; Engineering and consulting ...



Bridges - designs and builds concrete and steel bridges, engineering structures for different purposes, steel tanks, hydraulic structures, performs all types of funding, performs repair work ...



Mostprojekt - u rbanizam, design, Planning and preparation of technical Documentation ; The design of buildings, architectural Design


Srbija MTC - technical and technological design for highly specialized areas - agricultural buildings and facilities of food industry, regulation of food establishments according to national regulations and EU and the US Belgrade Srbija Naturalist   Srbija Ivan Milutinović - Pim - structural engineering, construction consulting; Luke, warehouses and cargo transportation centers, design buildings; Repair of ships, river traffic; Piping hydro facilities Belgrade Srbija    
    Preparation for entrance exam in architecture Belgrade Srbija Profit project - design, architecture, legalization of residential buildings, commercial buildings Novi Sad Srbija Project biro Vučković - project documentation, Ag design, with all installation projects; Projects design, supervision of works Sremska
Srbija The Republic Geodetic Authority - RGA is a special organization that performs professional and administrative tasks related to state survey, cadastre land, real estate cadastre, utilities cadastre and registration of rights to the real estate, maintenance and restoration and other activities defined in the Act   Srbija Architectural studio Saurus - architectural design and main project engineering, visualization, monitoring, advice Aranđelovac Srbija System Engineering Team - SET doo - A company for engineering, consulting, design and construction Šabac Srbija SSA - Stamatović Arhitekti- architectural studio specializing in the reconstruction and adaptation of old and historical buildings into modern and confort rooms, as well as the interior design of residential and business space Beograd Srbija Project bureau Style Smederevo Srbija Zoom Studio - u rbanizam, design, planning and preparation of technical documentation Belgrade Srbija
TeamCAD - Autodesk Authorised Reseller, TrainingCenter Zemun
Novi Beograd
Srbija Tim system engineering - design and engineering Novi Sad Srbija Tončev construction - construction supervision, design ... Surdulica Srbija
Trioprojekt - design, engineering, consulting, construction and control; Project design, architectural and construction ... Belgrade Srbija

Unigradnja - engineering, commerce, izvođenjegrađevinarskihradova, production of PVC Niš
Srbija Vega Furniture - interior design ... New Belgrade Srbija Leica Geosystems - Leica Geosystems - a globally active company in the the areas of positioning and geomatics Belgrade

VMS Ltd. - A specialty of the company is construction industry including design, supervision, consulting and technical support in the construction of buildings Belgrade

Srbija Department of Jp Urban Niš Srbija

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Kamen, kamenorezački radovi
Real estate
Elektro industrija, elektronika
Građevinski i završni radovi
Industry, zanatstvo, alati

Architecture, design - CROATIA 2D3D studio - Preparation of architectural 3D visualization and animation   Hrvatska 3dmodels - spatial representations in architecture and construction Zagreb Hrvatska Adg - projecting and engineering Zagreb Hrvatska Alfa - Engineering Slavonski
Hrvatska Architectural firm Ante Kuzmanić Split Hrvatska Apis doo - Architecture and Information Technology - obtaining a location
permits, preparation of preliminary designs, detailed designs, projects
building permits - until obtaining, cost estimations, Control
Zagreb Hrvatska Aplan - office for architectural planning, equipping and management
  Hrvatska APZ - Architectural design institute Vukovar Hrvatska Area planning - architectural design and consultancy services related to the construction of buildings Zagreb Hrvatska Architects-hka   Hrvatska Architectural firm Arhitron Ltd. - Architectural design all types of buildings, interior decorating business and retail spaces, and
reconstruction and renovation of existing facilities; Preparation of project
documentation, permits, registration of facilities services, consulting
Zagreb Hrvatska Project bureau ARP architecture Petrinjak Ltd. designing buildings and
produces complete documentation for their construction
Zagreb Hrvatska Atmosphere-Architectural firm - planning for the future Zagreb Hrvatska Capital ing doo the company for the design, supervision and consulting Construction Zagreb Hrvatska Association of Architects of the City of Osijek Osijek Hrvatska D-a-z   Hrvatska Degrad doo Construction and design - all types of construction
works - rehabilitation and reconstruction, installation works, sale of flats
Zagreb Hrvatska Digital Media   Hrvatska Danica Maricic: Interior Design   Hrvatska Dom-project   Hrvatska Two architect doo - Architectural design. Zagreb Hrvatska DV projectors Ltd. - Design and supervision of construction family, residential and commercial buildings Mali Lošinj Hrvatska Architect Fabian - team of architects who deal with architectural
design, space design and furnishing items and
interiors designed by
Zagreb Hrvatska Functional Whole Ltd., architectural and project office - Soccer architectural and engineering design, interior- projects, production 3D models, infrastructure projects, water and sewage Zagreb Hrvatska   Hrvatska Geotop - surveying services, consulting, legalization, design   Hrvatska   Hrvatska Go-pro design - architectural design, from initial conceptual design to construction supervision service Zagreb Hrvatska M r. Zlatko Omerhodћić Engineer. - Permanent court expert for holidays Construction Zagreb Hrvatska - architectural portal for editing and equipping Interior design in Croatia   Hrvatska Beyond Architecture - interiors, residential buildings, business buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, urban solutions, Resorts are the result of 15 years of work Zagreb Hrvatska Kriћnjak - office authorized arhtekta - Office is a team of creative Architects who are engaged in design, interior and control; Cooperation and teamwork between the designers strive unity and harmony between design and implementation; Our final goal the architecture that will be a combination of aesthetics and functionality, and will integrate within the community in which it arises Zagreb

Hrvatska Architecture Mareković - Personal Pages Damir Marekovic and its projects and realization Zagreb Hrvatska Office authorized architect Nardin Marine - a company owned Arch. Nardin Marine is engaged in designing all types of buildings and interior design of residential and commercial space. Zagreb Hrvatska Outline   Hrvatska Lukić project - designing civil engineering, construction,
industrial facilities, special-purpose facilities, physical and
urban planning; Engineering, consulting, performance monitor
Makarska Hrvatska Proart-ing doo design bureau - design and construction
architectural plans
Hrvatska Renova Ltd. - Design, supervision and execution of works Zagreb Hrvatska SBIR online - Engineering and design jobs - making
project documentation for almost all types of buildings građevnskih
(Bridges, buildings, halls, roads ...), supervision services during construction, production
Hrvatska Send architects - architectural studio Zagreb Hrvatska 3LHD studio for architecture and urban planning Zagreb Hrvatska TGI Ltd. - Design, execution in construction, engineering and
Real estate
Pula Hrvatska Trio-projekt Ltd. - Design, construction and supervision; In addition to making
project documentation obtain permits, we offer etaћiranja
buildings, and architectural consulting
Zagreb Hrvatska Architectural visualization and animation - making architectural visualization, animation and photomontage high quality for demanding Clients Zagreb Hrvatska Mladen Oћić,, Permanent court expert for holidays Construction, the company & quot; Virtual & quot ;; Learn all about the estimates of real estate, needs of condominium residential buildings, construction of forensic Investment study, architectural design Zagreb Hrvatska Vulin and Ileković architects - architectural firm Zagreb Hrvatska

Architecture, design - BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Faculty of Architecture Sarajevo Bosna i Hercegovina

AKSA Zenica Bosna i Hercegovina

Project bureau AMBIENTA Bosnia - Herzegovina firm in this moment can offer over 600 ready-made solutions, well performed detailed design for individual construction Sarajevo

Bosna i Hercegovina Angermeier - is pleased to present you the largest private Bosnia and Herzegovina's & nbsp; surveying company and one of the leaders in the region in the field of geodesy and geo-information systems   Bosna i Hercegovina Arch Design Ltd Sarajevo Bosna i Hercegovina Bistip   Bosna i Hercegovina BNpro doo - Design and engineering Sarajevo Bosna i Hercegovina
Energoinvest dd - Presentation of the leading companies in the field of BH design and realization of complex facilities in the country and the world Sarajevo
Bosna i Hercegovina Energotehnika Ltd. - Design (buildings, installations, roads) ... Doboj Bosna i Hercegovina Entasis | Intent - & nbsp; entasis design - architectural design and furnishing; Design salon designed furniture and interior Zenica Bosna i Hercegovina Euroing Ltd. - Design, consulting and all kinds of construction Bihać Bosna i Hercegovina Gdhb   Bosna i Hercegovina Grading KGM   Bosna i Hercegovina IPSA Institute, a private and independent consulting company. Volume consulting and engineering services includes conceptual designs, the main projects, master planning, master planning, tendering, measure rehabilitation, analysis of weak points, appraisal costs, studies feasibility, traffic studies, technical assistance and supervision of construction Sarajevo Bosna i Hercegovina

Tehnograd doo construction and civil engineering - The company is engaged design and construction of industrial and residential buildings, sales of apartments and commercial space Tuzla

Bosna i Hercegovina
Unioninvest Holding dd . - Internet presentation of the Bosnian Croatian engineering companies Sarajevo
Bosna i Hercegovina City Development Institute Prijedor Prijedor Bosna i Hercegovina

Architecture, design - NORTH MACEDONIA
Beton Construction Co. - design, engineering, research,
construction, and consulting


Pelister Construction Co. - design, engineering, research,
construction, and consulting
Bitola Makedonija

IVANOV Engineering Bitola Makedonija Porta 3 Skopje Makedonija

Architecture, design - SLOVENIA Faculty of Architecture   Slovenija

Architecture, design - MONTENEGRO Geos Ltd. for execution of geodetic works and services Podgorica Crna Gora Veletex ad - Design and installation of irrigation systems; Design and installation of irrigation systems ... Podgorica Crna Gora

Visit the following categories and sub-categories similar to this:
Kamen, kamenorezački radovi
Real estate
Elektro industrija, elektronika
Građevinski i završni radovi
Industry, zanatstvo, alati

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