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Funeral services, funeral equipment
Funeral services, funeral equipment
Belgrade Duvački Pogrebni Orkestar - composed of professional educated musicians from military and police orchestras, theaters, opera, music academy, perform as an orchestra, and individually (trumpet, violin, church choir ...) on burials, opel, cremation, meaning, rehearsals with repertoire: funeral march, old-fashioned songs, romances, Roma songs, sevdalinke, classical music ... Music and joy are waiting for a man at birth, the song follows him through life and in the end she is back there;
Mob. tel:064/39-30-694, 063/80-88-919

u još gradova
Funeral enterprise "Golgota" - chests, funeral equipment (wreaths,
flowers, crosses, pyramids, candles, clothes, scarves and scarves),
transportation of deceased in Serbia and abroad specialized and
air-conditioned vehicles ...; Woodworking - cutting and scraping various timber, sale of timber, dryers and masonry
Valjevo Srbija
Granite and marble Anastasijević and sons - production of granite and marble: kitchens, bathrooms, floors, stone floor, mosaics, stone walls, stairs, fences, terraces, Monuments, engraved and ceramic images and metallic letters, production of important and candlesticks, restoration of existing monuments; Natural decorative stone - marble, granite tiles; We deliver all our products on the territory of the Balkans; Nature creates a stone, water forms it, and we give it life; Surčinska 9r;  tel: +381 60 500 4409, +381 63 242 764
New Belgrade Srbija
Stone-cutting shop JugoGranit plus - funeral equipment,
city monuments, village monuments, tombs, vases and candlesticks,
paintings in ceramics, production and installation on the ground
Workshop Vujanović, craft production workshop for production
objects made of brass, aluminum, bronze, castle and other painted
metal, founded in 1997. - accessories for tombstones
monuments (letters, frames, crosses, features, decorations, alka, lamps, vases, roses, vases, tiles ...), art objects, technical cast iron
orders, various types of galvanic protection, sandblasting of all types of letters on stone, ornaments, photoceramics;
Tel: +381 34 6790395, faks: +381 34 6790515,
mob. phone: +381 63 8155252
Aranđelovac Srbija
- Bećarević d.o.o.   Bosna i Hercegovina Bakeries funeral - burial association Sarajevo Bosna i Hercegovina Public utility company "Funeral services" Belgrade Srbija Božur - we are doing all the work for you to organize the funeral of the deceased. We organize transportation, obtaining permits, transportation of deceased people from abroad, funeral equipment, printing of mortgages as well as making decorations and flower arrangement. Brčko Bosna i Hercegovina Drnda internacional - international funeral services Production and sale of funeral equipment and monuments Aleksandrovac Srbija Electronic readings, meanings, memories and condolences   Srbija Trade in funeral equipment, monuments Subotica Srbija Funero Subotica Srbija ODKJP City cemetery Banja Luka Bosna i Hercegovina City cemeteries   Bosna i Hercegovina City cemeteries   Bosna i Hercegovina Public communal company Kragujevac Srbija City cemeteries   Hrvatska Hamid Latan - funeral services   Bosna i Hercegovina Oak - production and sale of funeral equipment Vitoševac Pogrebna agencija GmbH Ćuprija Srbija Jedileri   Bosna i Hercegovina Karma   Srbija KD Kozala d.o.o. - The funeral and grocery department provides a complete funeral service, enables the selection and purchase of funeral equipment ... Rijeka Hrvatska KPD Sveti Marko - Catholic Funeral Association "Sveti Marko" Banja Luka Bosna i Hercegovina JKP Lisje Novi Sad Srbija    
    International funeral services "Venac" - sale of complete funeral equipment, crates, transportation of deceased from abroad and all over Serbia, production and installation of gravestones Sokobanja Srbija   Slovenija MYTH. - a company for the production and sale of funeral equipment Berane Crna Gora Mladenović komerc - production and sale of funeral equipment Vinča Srbija Nasha and Slaughter funeral services - international funeral enterprise, transport of deceased, crates, blackberries, candles, eschats, wreaths, crosses, boxes, sarcophagi, Veliko
Srbija N & S - funeral equipment (production of full-tree coils) ... Novi Travnik Bosna i Hercegovina Funeral enterprise Odense - funeral services and funeral equipment, international funeral services and transportation of deceased, 30% more favorable burial equipment for funerals   Hrvatska Palm tree   Hrvatska Riva-funeral - funeral services, transportation of deceased in the country and abroad Belgrade Srbija Agency for Funeral Services Oreol    
    Palma-V funeral equipment and florists provides all funeral services - mortar, crates, crosses, transportation of deceased, announcement of meaning, candles Bijeljina Bosna i Hercegovina    
    Funeral Equipment Tears Jagodina Srbija Funeral equipment M - For 30 years Floral M (Mila) shares beautiful and sad moments - flower shop, complete range of funeral equipment and accompanying services: funeral cases with all accompanying equipment, transportation of deceased in the country and abroad, print of death, candles , candleholders, blackberries, wreaths and tears of flowers, catering Aranđelovac Srbija Funeral equipment Venac Čačak Srbija Babajić Funeral Company, do everything necessary to forgive the deceased person, and thus reduce your additional concerns and problems Slovenija Funeral services - Transportation of the dead and exhumations - Burial and funeral society FM Group d. about. about. offers you the best transport of dead people and exhumations in BiH and abroad.   Bosna i Hercegovina Jozić Funeral services d. about. about. - It's just you to call us, everything else is our concern. Sarajevo Bosna i Hercegovina Funeral services   Bosna i Hercegovina    
    Dianthus d.o.o. - funeral services and floral arrangements Funeral equipment Flora - transportation of deceased for Serbia and abroad, production of boxes on request of buyers and sale of complete accompanying funeral equipment    
    Funeral services Mitrovic - international, transportation, organization and contracting funerals and funeral equipment. D.O.O. Funeral Services - Your description goes here   Crna Gora    
    Funeral services Testamentum Funeral enterprise - Sinanovic-funeral  Sanski Most
Bosna i Hercegovina PUC "Pogrebno" Subotica Srbija Funeral Bozur, a funeral enterprise Derventa Bosna i Hercegovina Funeral "Dejanović" - organization of funerals, transportation of deceased in the country and abroad, reimbursement of funeral equipment expenses, production of monuments, wreaths, retirement boxes, tombstones, legends ...   Srbija Funeral services and shops "Muškovac" Zagreb Hrvatska Pogrebno Niksic   Crna Gora Pogrebno Radovic Belgrade Srbija Pogrebno Sombor Sombor Srbija    
    Pogrebno Suza Internacional Burial d.o.o.   Bosna i Hercegovina Burial d.o.o.   Bosna i Hercegovina Funeral Society Rahmet, transportation of the dead   Bosna i Hercegovina Revda d.o.o. - funeral services   Bosna i Hercegovina Silentium - Funeral Services - Download and arranging of the deceased, transportation in the country and abroad, a rich selection of funeral equipment, making wreaths and floral arrangements, trumpet services ... Hrvatska Suza-Internacional - carriage of the dead Belgrade
u još država
Nemačka Died Service a.d. for the production of funeral equipment Bačka Topola Srbija Funeral services Eternal flower d.o.o. - Advertising in the media, arranging the deceased, arranging documentation for the transportation of the deceased, transportation of the deceased in the country and abroad ... Hrvatska

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