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Other legal services
Other legal services - SERBIA
Law office Knežević - representation of natural and legal persons in various legal fields: criminal law, civil procedural law, obligation law, real estate, family law, inheritance law, administrative law, labor law, commercial law, misdemeanor law, intellectual property; Otona Župančiča 47, lok. 26; Phone: 069/7-069-22
New Belgrade Srbija
Lawyers Belgrade - Law office Simović and partners;
Legal services: real estate, contracts, divorces-family relations, family and marriage, litigation, general property relations and enforcement, inheritance, criminal and misdemeanor liability, establishment of companies and representation in all economic relations, proceedings before administrative bodies, protection of copyrights and industrial property, exercise of rights under the law on public information and media, labor relations and insurance. 26 godina iskustva; Bul.M.Pupina 10ž, lokal 71; Phone : 069/2082800 | 011/2142329

New Belgrade Srbija
Lawyer Jelena Malešev, lawyer for commercial law (establishment of companies, d.o.o., a.d., o.d., status changes, counseling, representation), labor law, civil law (real property law, inheritance law, family law), representation in divorce proceedings (drafting proposals for amicable divorce, etc.), drawing up and advising on marriage contracts that regulate property relations between spouses; In addition to his native Serbian, the lawyer also speaks English and German; Bulevar oslobođenja br. 66;
Phones: 065/69-629-59, 021/547-795

Novi Sad Srbija
Agency Gds doo - occupational safety and health and protection from fire; Act on risk assessment; Accounting and legal services;
Phone: 011/40-50-197, cell: 063/270-296, 062/409-085
Belgrade Srbija
Translation agency Oxford - court interpreter, translation and certification of all types of documents and texts, simultaneous translation services, translation with one of 30 languages ​​into another, emergency translation services...
Bookkeeping agency, bookkeeping, accounting services, accounting, opening a company, administrative services, bookkeeping services, payroll, personnel management, tax consulting, business consulting, financial consulting, business plan development, Kruševac, Business Modus Team,
Business Modus Team, bookkeeping agency - Accounting services: starting a company, administrative services, bookkeeping services, payroll and personnel management, tax consulting, business consulting, financial consulting, business plan development;
Our team solves! We provide you with adequate and legal solutions for tax savings! Schedule your free consultation now and discover how we can optimize your finances without any obligations;
Čolak Antina 1a; Ph: 037 350 27 27, 066 11 06 83, 064 18 68 376
Kruševac Srbija
Blečić & Partners, law office that gathers a team of lawyers
and a lawyer with extensive experience in all areas of law; Ours
expertise includes all areas of commercial law: corporate /
M & A, real estate, banking and finance, bankruptcy and restructuring, dispute resolution, tax, labor law, intellectual property
Belgrade Srbija
Registration firmi (OD, KD, DOO, AD), shops, associations, endowments, foundations, health institutions, all status changes, liquidation. Very affordable, professional; Phone (+Viber): 063 422 500
Belgrade Srbija
Detective agency Anonimus - family protection and assistance, polygraph examination, search for missing persons, return of deleted data, checks of data from archives, classic forensics, safe consulting, mobile. phones and digital forensics, business investigations and due diligence, tech. and physical security and alarm systems, electronic espionage, anti-spying protection and technical counter-surveillance, "honey trap" service, gps tracking and locating, debtor search, asset search, serving in legal processes, fraud investigation; Phone: 011/ 2835531 and 064/ 1199880;
Bul. kneza Aleksandra Karađorđevića 72

Beograd Srbija
Biro za procene, poslovni konsalting, stečajni upravnik, licencirani procenitelj, procena vrednosti nekretnina, procena pokretne imovine, procena kapitala, Gros&Gros Inc., Novi Sad,
Gros&Gros Inc. - Appraisal Bureau, Business Consulting and Bankruptcy Trustee, Licensed Appraiser, Appraisal of Real Estate, Movable Assets and Equity. Company valuation, business consulting and mediation, preparation of reorganization plans and UPPR, economic and financial restructuring of companies, financial and tax consulting, Asset and property management, business plans and feasibility studies, consulting regarding QMS (ISO 9001). Court experts from the economic, mechanical and construction professions, Relja Gross and associates; Jevrejska 11;
Phone: 065 8489065

Novi Sad Srbija
KGB Procurement - professional mediation in the public procurement process - a set of professional public procurement services for all bidders and clients. Depending on your needs and agreements, our integrated team of experts can take over part or the entire public procurement process: from the analysis of the project, relevant parts of the Law and existing public procurement processes to the creation of models of the necessary tender documents;
Ustanička 189 / 4a; Tel: +381 11 3470519

Belgrade Srbija
Petrović & Đorđević Law office - legal support in areas: arbitration and mediation, aviation and MRO, intellectual property, enforcement, public procurement, corporate law, M & A, registry books, real estate, insurance and reinsurance, litigation, planning and construction, maritime law, tax law, privatization, professional liability, labor law, bankruptcy, foreign investments, contracts, data protection; Vladimira Popovića 38-40, GTC 19 Avenue;
Phone: +381 11 715 68 40, mob: +381 63 482 380
New Belgrade Srbija
Rea Consulting d.o.o. - accounting and control, registration
companies, foreign representative offices and citizens' associations
New Belgrade Srbija
Court interpreter and translator for the English language - translation certified by a court interpreter for the English language for the purposes of travel, employment, residence or study abroad, registration in the civil registry, exercise of the right to a foreign pension, regulation of property-legal relations, company registration and foreign trade , participation in tenders, etc.; Oral translation, translation from Serbian to English and vice versa without certification, consecutive translation, proofreading and proofreading, business correspondence; Bulevar kralja Petra I 33;
Phone. cell: 064 23 03 166

Novi Sad Srbija
Association of forensic experts in occupational medicine
Belgrade Srbija
Law office Žunić - insurance law, intellect. properties,
competition, contracts, compensation for damages, real, family, hereditary, criminal, tax, economic, labor law and protection from abuse on work, restitution, denationalization and return of property, protection consumer, international arbitration, bankruptcy, liquidations, p. investments...
Novi Sad Srbija
- Absolut Support - Agencija za bezbednosni konsalting - Istrage i
zaštita, upravljanje rizicima, tehnički sistemi obezbeđenja
Belgrade Srbija Revizorska kuća Auditor Belgrade Srbija Autorski biro - preduzeće, odnosno autorska agencija koje postoji od 1990. godine i uspešno radi na poslovima sklapanja ugovora i naplate autorskih honorara Belgrade Srbija Autorski biro Beograd Srbija B2MV agencija za poslovno savetovanje - licencirana agencija za
pružanje usluga iz oblasti bezbednosti i zdravlja na radu (bzr) i
zaštite od požara (zop); Izrada svih dokumenata iz oblasti
bezbednosti i zdravlja na radu, usluge stručnog lica za bezbednost
i zdravlje na radu, obuku zaposlenih i mesečno vođenje poslova bzr

Belgrade Srbija Agencija za konsalting - Bok - radno pravo, privredno pravo,
Cekos In - preduzeće za izdavačku delatnost i ekonomski
konsalting d.o.o.

Srbija Cekos in d.o.o. - izdavaštvo i ekonomski konsalting: internet izdanja
časopisa 'Informator' i 'PDV', 'Ekspert' - online zbirka pravnih propisa
Republike Srbije
Belgrade Srbija Cups Srbija Dorh   Hrvatska Efibis - agencija - procena rizika na radu Novi Sad Srbija Ekspert Srbija
Gogić - knjigovodstvene usluge sve vrste, obuka (kurs)
knjigovodstva, revizorske usluge, usluge veštačenja
Srbija Institut za ekonomiju i pravo je kuća koja pruža konsultantske usluga u oblasti javnih nabavki, organizuje stručne skupove i ima izdavačku delatnost. Belgrade Srbija Invekon gradnja - procena pokretne i nepokretne nekretnine;
Veštačenja i konsalting
  Srbija Dragan Nikolić, izvršitelj   Srbija Kjn   Srbija Migration for you - kompanija za pružanje pravne pomoći za
dobijanje viza za useljenje, školovanje i boravak u Australiji; Svi naši
advokati su registrovani i nadgledani od strane Vlade Australije...
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i država
Srbija Procenitelj nekretnina - sudski veštak Belgrade Srbija Agencija Lider - posredovanje u odštetnim zahtevima Novi Sad Srbija Paragraf Lex, Privredno društvo za pravno softversku i izdavačku delatnost - elektronska pravna baza, Online baza propisa -
Elektronska zbirka zakona i drugih propisa, sudske prakse, modela
ugovora i ostalih dokumenata od značaja za poslovanje
Novi Sad Paragraf Lex,  privredno društvo za pravno softversku i izdavačku
delatnost - elektronska pravna baza / Online baza propisa -
Elektronska zbirka zakona i drugih propisa, sudske prakse, modela
ugovora i ostalih dokumenata od značaja za poslovanje
Novi Sad Srbija Petošević* specializes in intellectual property and related services in the EU, Western Balkans, Ukraine, Georgia and CIS and acts as a coordinating hub for IP-related services worldwide.

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Hrvatska poslovnibiro   Srbija IPC - Informativno poslovni Centar - žute knjige, porezi, rad i zarade,
računovodstvo, finansije, budžet, revizor, časopis Pravnik, časopis
Budžet, Žute knjige na CD-u, poslovnik, priručnici; Sve o poslovnim
finansijama na jednom mestu; Uvek ažurno sa praktičnom primenom
Belgrade Srbija Pravni portal - Profi Sistem Com d.o.o. Smederevo Srbija

06243056 Procena nekretnina - procenitelj nekretnina i sudski veštak stanova, kuća, zemljišta, lokala, poslovnih prostora. Procena upotrebne vrednosti i štete nekretnine Srbija

09610616 Procenitelj doo - Tim koji pobeđuje Srbija Procenitelj nekretnina - sudski veštak Belgrade Srbija
Ing-Pro - On-line baza propisa, sudske prakse, pravnihmišljenja i
Srbija S- Albi - osnovna delatnost preduzeća je traženje ukradenih vozila:
putničkih automobila, džipova, kamiona, autobusa, raznih privrednih
mašina, plovnih objekata i sl.
Belgrade Srbija Agencija za izdavaštvo Sky Law - izdanja iz oblasti prava Kragujevac Srbija Sokoj, organizacija muzičkih autora Srbije - Sokoj, organizacija
muzičkih autora Srbije bavi se zaštitom prava kompozitora,
tekstopisaca, aranžera muzike i drugih nosilaca autorskih prava na
muzičkim delima svih žanrova
Belgrade Srbija Centar za saobraćajno-tehnička veštačenja Srbija Društvo Sudija Srbije - nevladina organizacija posvećena postizanju
stručnog, efikasnog, nepristrasnog, nezavisnog sudstva
Srbija Udruženje sudija za prekršaje Srbija Agencija za bezbednost i zdravlje na radu i konsalting VIP -
licencirana kuća za poslove bezbednosti i zdravlja na radu, procene
rizika, vođenja poslova BZR i dr.
Leskovac Srbija Nikola Vojnović, javni beležnik   Srbija YUcom - Komitet pravnika za ljudska prava Belgrade Srbija Advokatska kancelarija Živković Samardžić Belgrade Srbija Zup   Srbija

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Marketing agencije, menadžment, konsalting

Brokers, finance
Bookkeeping, accounting
Jobs, business contacts
Registracija i osiguranje vozila
Alarms, security, protection

Other legal services - CROATIA Ing ekspert d. o. o. - legalizacija, energetsko certificiranje, procjena, sudsko vještačenje, etažiranje - Ing ekspert d. o. o. poduzeće je s dvadesetogodišnjim iskustvom na području legalizacije nekretnina, procjena, sudskih vještačenja i etažiranja. Posluje na području Hrvatske u svim većim gradovima: Zagreb, Varaždin, Osijek, Rijeka, Split. Zagreb
Hrvatska Iusinfo   Hrvatska Legalis   Hrvatska Petošević

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Other legal services - BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Adria Bonus d. o. o. - Vaša jedra do poslovnog uspjeha - Adria Bonus d. o. o. poduzeće obavlja visokostručne poslove, odnosno pruža usluge vanjskim korisnicima u slijedećim poslovima: poslovno savjetovanje, investicijsko savjetovanje i vođenje investicija, savjetovanje u vezi korištenja EU predpristupnih fondova i fondova zajednice, poslove posredovanja u prometu nekretnina, knjigovodstveno-računovodstvene poslove... Bosna i Hercegovina Biro Zelene Karte u BiH Bosna i Hercegovina Cenppz   Bosna i Hercegovina Federalno ministarstvo pravde Bosna i Hercegovina Institut za intelektualno vlasništvo Bosna i Hercegovina

Prevodilački ured Hatipović - stalni sudski tumači za engleski,
njemački i slovenski jezik. Internacionalna vjenčanja, razvodi,
osiguranja, penzije
Bihać Bosna i Hercegovina - pravosudni portal   Bosna i Hercegovina Vaša prava BiH - Kancelarija za besplatnu pravnu pomoć   Bosna i Hercegovina

Other legal services - NORTH MACEDONIA
IPPO - Industrial Property Protection Office of the Republic of

Makedonija Law & Patent Office "Joanidis" Makedonija Mens Legis - attorneys at Law Makedonija Macedonian Judges' Association - official site Makedonija Rafajlovski Consulting - financial services and consulting Makedonija

Other legal services - SLOVENIA
Odvetniška pisarna Lukančič, odvetnik Jure Lukančič, Ljubljana,
Law firm Lukančič, lawyer Jure Lukančič - commercial law, civil law, insolvency, labor law, real estate, recovery, environmental protection law, inheritance law; Phone: 0599 23 841, M: +386 (0)41 558 177, Fax: 0599 02 324; Nazorjeva ulica 12
Ljubljana Slovenija
Law Office Prus Pipus & Skaza - odvetnik za kazensko, civilno in gospodarsko pravo /// Commercial law, civil law, insolvency law, labor law, family law, real estate right, recovery, criminal law, media law, debt-collection, inheritance law; We offer legal aid and representation in front of the courts, state and EU institutes, primarily in Slovenia. There is no legal problem, that we cannot solve together. We also cooperate with other Law firms in EU and abroad. Languages: Slovenian, English, German, Croatian, and Serbian; Tavčarjeva 13;
M: +386 (0) 641 25 539

Ljubljana Slovenija
- First - računovodske, knjigovodske in revizijske dejavnosti; davčno

05436633 IPF, k. o. - Zavod za uveljavljanje pravic izvajalcev in proizvajalcev fonogramov Slovenije Slovenija I.R.O. D.O.O. - računovodske, knjigovodske in revizijske dejavnosti;
davčno svetovanje
Ljubljana Slovenija

01649906 Notarska zbornica Slovenije združuje vse slovenske notarke in notarje, ki predstavljajo nenadomestljivo vez med posameznikom in državo. Slovenija Zavod PIP - Pravna pisarna - Snovalec projektov - Razvijalec skupnosti Slovenija

Other legal services - MONTENEGRO GORA - Vodič kroz procedure i propise u Crnoj Gori - Velika
baza procedura, propisa, obrazaca, zakona u Crnoj Gori;
Jednostavno i besplatno, pobijedite šaltere i birokratiju!
  Crna Gora Institut računovođa i revizora Crne Gore Podgorica Crna Gora LilInvest - knjigovodstvene usluge (poreski izvještaji, vođenje
knjigovodstva, finansijski izvještaji), pravne usluge (registracija
preduzeća, radni odnosi, propisi), savjetodavne usluge (poslovno
planiranje, poresko planiranje, biznis planovi, analize poslovanja)
Herceg Novi Crna Gora Media Montenegro - pružanje svih vrsta pravnih i finansijskih usluga
za poslovno razvojne potrebe u Crnoj Gori...
Podgorica Crna Gora

Other legal services - EX YU DIASPORA Migration for you - kompanija za pružanje pravne pomoći za
dobijanje viza za useljenje, školovanje i boravak u Australiji; Svi naši
advokati su registrovani i nadgledani od strane Vlade Australije...
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i država
Srbija Offshore u Švajcarska, živjeti i raditu u Švajcarskoj, biznis i ekonomija, kompanije, banke, računi, kreditna kartica nekretnine, Lugano, Ticino - off-shore kompanije u Švajcarskoj i inostranstvu, banka, dozvola za prebivalište, preduzeće, filijala, podružnica, holding, financijske informacije, izrada poslovnih planova, savjetovanje, viza, srednjo velika banka, auto, online internet bankarstvo, advokatska kancelarija, radna prava, usluge   Švajcarska Osnivanje firme u Nemačkoj, Švajcarskoj, Engleskoj, Crnoj Gori,
na Sejšelima; Kancelarijske usluge i knjigovodstvo, usluge vezane
za sedište firme (poslovne adrese za upis firme), otvaranje
bankarkog računa, prevodi, auto lizing, naplata potraživanja,
poreski stručnjak, poreski pravnik, osiguranja...
Stuttgart Nemačka

Udruženje sudskih veštaka u medicini rada, Beograd
Firme Srbija

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