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Agriculture, food

Fruits, vegetables, food Mineral water, healthy water Juices, soft drinks, coffee Bakery, bread, pastry
Milk products, milk, cheese
Confectionery, sweets Honey, beekeepers Mushrooms
Healthy food, teas, herbs
Seeds, plant protection Hygienic equipment & supplies Recipes
Supermarkets, trade, e-shops
Beer, wine, winery Fish, fishing, fishing equipment Agricultural machines, tools

Fruit, vegetable, 
food production

Fruit, vegetable, fruit, vegetables, food processing, food production -  SERBIA
Extra Sushi - Sushi, Specialties, Drinks; Sushi, sashimi, rolls
sets, salads, dishes, side dishes, sauces, desserts, drinks ...
Belgrade Serbia
Martex doo - wholesale, processing and production of cured meat
pork products (hams, sausages, ham, bacon,
sausages, Spitz ribs, ham, shank, etc.)
New Belgrade

Agriculture Cooperative Farms Mrkšićevi - good bite! Bakery,
meat processing, storage of agricultural products, agriculture,
trade in oil and petroleum products
Srpski Itebej Serbia
Rasadnik Komerc - fruit trees, vines, production; wide range of certified planting material, grafts, fruit substrate, seedlings rose, various types of conifers and deciduous, citrus fruits, kiwis, Perrin, miscellaneous room houseplant, raw materials manufacturers, foreign, boxwood, Perrin, ornamental shrubs ...
Srculence Lux doo - Healthy food! Soybeans, cereals, vegetable preparations, ointments, spices, syrups, oils, juices, pollen, program diabetics, macrobiotic program, dried fruit, nuts, powder products, integral sweets, cakes and savory integral snacks, gum, bulk teas, honey, natural cosmetics ...
Leskovac Serbia
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click HERE 3. March- fruits, vegetables, processing, preservation Ivanjica Serbia A Bio Tech Lab laboratory - laboratory for chemical and biotechnology analysis of agricultural products, their and life products food; laboratory is authorized for laboratory tests food safety and food for animals. Sremska
Serbia ADS Interkomerc Ltd. - Imports of long grain rice, round grain, whole wheat grains, potato puree in flakes and packaging of granular and powder food products, ketchup, corn products, corn flour, corn flour, syrup, fruit syrups, fruktako Novi Sad Serbia Agricom Company Group Ltd. - a company for purchase, trade and export grains and oilseeds Sombor Serbia Agricultural emissions agrodan   Serbia Agrodual - export of Serbian agricultural products: fresh fruit (Apple, plum, peach, apricot, pear, melon ...), fresh vegetables (Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, onions ...), canned fruit and vegetables, frozen fruits and vegetables; SEEDS (corn, wheat, sunflower, sugar beet), mercantile goods ... Belgrade Serbia Agroglobe   Serbia


Agrokons - construction Silo


Serbia Agrolib Jagodina Serbia Agromehanika Novi Sad Serbia Agronews   Serbia Agroservis   Serbia Agroupozorenje   Serbia The company Hisar ad - Production of confectionery and cream products candied fruit and fruit and vegetables, dessert Belgrade
Serbia Ajur Veda - Ayurveda products in the field of herbal and mineral
food supplements, cosmetics and personal hygiene; We represent some of the cutting-edge techniques of yoga, meditation, breathing, physical exercises and all other theoretical and practical knowledge ajur-science provides for the creation harmonious, healthy and long life


Aleva a.d food industry .. Novi Kneževac Serbia Aretol is a company engaged in the production and sale of fruit and vegetables in the frozen or processed   Serbia Aroma 1990 - flavorings industry, flavorings for home use, the colors
for home use, condiment, ketchup Famoso, fragrances for
industry are, hot chocolate, topping
Kruševac Serbia Aronia   Serbia - seedlings chokeberry - Aronia is very healthy fruit, lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; It is easily grown, and the seedlings Aronia planted throughout Serbia   Serbia Asunion Subotica Serbia Ba-Co - Wholesale Veterinary and Agriculture Serbia Company for foreign trade Services Bank Ltd., trade many in the sector of food, chemical and electro-energetic products; Bank Group - trade and production; Transport of grain, production and trade of processed soy products, animal feeds, components for the production of animal feed Zemun
Serbia Billcom Ltd. - Nutrition: concentrated tomatoes, tomato powder and tomato mixture of pizza sauces; Aivar, pinjur, ljutenica, malidjano, chili paste; dried Fruit - Canadian cranberries; Raw materials for herbal teas (Cranberry, blackberry, raspberry, currant) ... Belgrade Serbia Biochem Balkan doo New Belgrade
Zemun Bones Group - food - sweet and sour program ... Belgrade Serbia

Bonita - Prerambeni, powdery products/sweet and salty snacks
snack products, dehydrated products, food additives ... Cream
puddings, ice cream desserts, food seasonings, snack products as well
dried fruits, vegetables, herbs

Serbia & Quot; Caporione & quot; Ltd. - Processing of fruit and vegetables   Serbia Class Komerc doo - Production: ketchup, tomato paste, jam, compote, ajvar of roasted peppers, pepper, spice, pasteurized program, mushrooms, juices ... Paraćin Serbia Delta Agrar Serbia Delta Delta M Fughi- fruits, vegetables, processing, preservation Kruševac Serbia DIJAMANT- production of oil, margarine, mayonnaise, ketchup Zrenjanin Serbia Drenovac   Serbia Ecoland - fruits and vegetables   Serbia Elixir Food is one of the most modern factory for fruit processing to Balkans Šabac Serbia Elixir Group is the result of the idea of ​​creating a fully rounded agricultural system Šabac Serbia Elixir Food is one of the most modern factory for processing fruit Balkans - frozen fruits: raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, cherries and plums ... Šabac Serbia Oenological station Vrsac - laboratory testing of food
food and beverage quality, sensory tests and trials
safety ...
Vršac Serbia Ethno Food is natural and healthy food: Sweets, Aivar, Mushrooms, Preserve, Jam, Jelly   Serbia Fontis - organic foods ... Valjevo Serbia
Frikom - Vegetables, fruits ... Belgrade
u još gradova
Serbia Refrigerator Fruvela vClothing the refrigerator for processing purchase and export freezing of fruit in Serbia in this part of Europe Lajkovac Serbia Mushroom Association Šumadija Kragujevac Serbia Fungo-jug - The enterprise for export mushrooms, fruits and vegetable Leskovac Serbia Futura doo - Agricultural production, storage and processing vegetables and fruits; Agricultural products: the root of horseradish, grain mustard, pickles-cucumbers, beets, cabbage and peppers   Serbia Er-group- already fruits, vegetables, processing, preservation Belgrade Serbia Greeny doo - Production and storage of apples Aranđelovac Serbia HEMKOS - rennet production and food flavorings Leskovac Serbia Company & quot; Hoya V.S & quot; Ltd. - Horticulture, transfer new technology and technical achievements in the field of contemporary and intense production of vegetables and flowers Subotica Serbia Team Info Agency - exchange of agricultural and food products,
monitoring the prices of goods on the market, informing users about the best
offers goods
Novi Sad Serbia In System Ltd. - Processing and packaging of granular products (peanuts, hazelnuts, seeds, almonds ...) Belgrade Serbia Fruit Research Institute Čačak Serbia Pik South the Banat fruits, vegetables, processing, preservation Bela Crkva Serbia Makrobela Čačak - healthy food - everything you
need to celebrate birthdays and holidays in one place,
a complete range of items for pastries and bakery production,
food and catering facilities; Cakes and pastries, granulated
powder products and accessories
Čačak Serbia

Malina-impex Ltd. - A private company - the packaging of medicinal
herbs, powder products, grain products, cereals, spices; .From
his hand Malina-impex center offers a wide range of products:
filter teas, traditional teas, bulk tea, praškastiproizvodi
spices, herbs, cereals ...

Serbia Master Frigo Fruits - Fruits from the heart of Serbia - Refrigerator Master Frigo Fruits is engaged in purchasing, freezing, processing and export of raspberry and other fruits Požega
Serbia Mondi Serbia doo, a Mondi Foods Group - Make the fruit of quality your work! Sourcing, freezing, sorting, pitting and storaging IQF red fruit: strawberry, raspberry, sour cherry, blackberry and blueberry   Serbia

Moravica Ltd. - Purchase and processing of berries - raspberries; Frozen pies GoodFood, production; Puff pastry, dough for holidays pies, production; Production of knitted wire for eco filters Arilje

Serbia Maize Research Institute Zemun Polje Zemun polje Serbia & Quot; Kraft & quot; Ltd. - a company for the production of kraft bags and paper packaging; Trade animal feed wholesale and retail trade agricultural products Zrenjanin Serbia Nectar- fruits, vegetables, processing, preservation Bačka
Serbia Completely new in the domain & quot; Promo & quot; Product ... & quot; Dual Papirići & quot;
ecological sanitary paper pads for efficient and smart disposal
worn out chewing gum/business card with a multifunctional block;
Printing & quot; Dual Mode & quot;
Belgrade Serbia Pik Bečej - fruits, vegetables, processing, preservation Bečej Serbia nobleman Komerc doo - Production, packaging and sale of healthy food from Serbia; Prunes (with and without seeds, packed in contemporary packaging), dried and fresh porcini, chanterelle, black trumpet, walnut, blueberry, dried fruits and herbs, sunflower bundevsko seed; Best prices in Serbia! Osečina


Polimark - Ketchup ... Zemun Serbia Poljoinfo - Agricultural Forum Apatin Serbia Agriculture Serbia Agricultural Novi Sad Serbia Poljosfera   Serbia Wolf River basin - production and processing of fruits and vegetables - sweet and sour program, distilleries, refrigerator Vučje Serbia & Quot; Šajkaška & quot; - DVP very long tradition; We were founded back in 1872 and since then we are working the water and around the water Novi Sad Serbia Agricultural company Sava Kovacevic - modern crop - Livestock farm and one of the leaders in Serbia, founded in 1946 year, owns 3,880 ha of land ...; Production of industrial herbs, cereals and fodder crops, animal production, manufacturing milk, production of high-quality cattle and sheep; Mirotin Ltd. Vrbas Serbia & Quot; Crvenka & quot; sugar factory a.d. Crvenka Serbia Sugar Factory & quot; Te - To & quot; Senta Serbia AD Šajkaška - sugar factory Žabalj Serbia Sirogojno Company - fruits, vegetables, processing, preservation Sirogojno Serbia Institute of Soil Serbia DS Greenhouses - Professionals and Greenhouse Supply and Construction Serbia   Serbia Strela - klajić- fruits, vegetables, processing, preservation Leskovac Serbia Sunflower - for those who care about their health! certified organic
produced from sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, peanuts, flax, pomegranates;
Completely natural - sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and flax
oil - sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and peanut butter bars,
linseed oil, natural sweet spreads Sweet diabetes and Naturela
Hajdukovo Serbia Sunoko- šećerana Novi Sad Serbia Swisslion-takovo - confectionery, ice cream, Juvitana, soft drinks, jams and marmalades, alcoholic drinks, soups, pasta, spices ...   Serbia Swisslion-Takovo - fruits, vegetables, processing, preservation Gornji
Serbia Techno-Bozici: Company for production, processing and marketing of dried fruits - prunes - Dried plums we produce are of high quality and very tasty   Serbia Nursery Topalovic - dwarf fruit Serbia

Tortilla Serbia

Company for the production of vegetable oils and fats & quot; Banat & quot; ad jefabrika
which produces vegetable oils, fats, oil cake and meal
Nova Crnja
Serbia Oilseeds Bačka- oil refinery Novi Sad Serbia Unijapak - fruits, vegetables, processing, preservation Niš Serbia Vino Zupa - fruits, vegetables, processing, preservation Aleksandrovac Serbia Factory of oil and vegetable fats Vital Vrbas Serbia

Vitamin - Ground spice paprika, oleoresin, seasoning
& Quot; & quot ;, Gourmet teas, creams, puddings, ice desserts, food additives
meat-packing industry ...

Serbia Fruit Transport Ltd. one of the leading companies in the south of Serbia, that is engaged in importing and exporting of fruits, vegetables, alcoholic and trade non-alcoholic drinks as well as processing and packaging of granular products (Peanuts, beans, rice, chickpeas ..) Vranje Serbia Moravac ZZ - fruits, vegetables, processing, preservation Leskovac Serbia

Fruit, vegetable, fruit, vegetables, food processing, food production -  CROATIA

production of indigenous varieties of grapes and wines, construction
domestic brands and an increase in production and sales capacities
both in the domestic and foreign markets
Bišće Polje
u još gradova
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Croatia  The chamber   Croatia Lun, Island Pag; About Lun, the Eco Association Olive, olive Association Lun Croatia Forum Drunken Skunk - fishing and gardening Planik Croatia Podravka - Food Industry Koprivnica Croatia Advisory   Croatia

Fruit, vegetable, fruit, vegetables, food processing, food production -  BOSNIA AND HERZEG. Agricultural Cooperative Agrojapra - milk, fruits, oils, Wheat, rye and corn domestic ...; Products: virgin olive oil from Slovenian pumpkin seeds, sunflower oil, salad oil, flour pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds; Flour from the mill; Grmečka bread and pastries; Dried fruit; Rural tourism Donji Agići
Novi Grad
Bosnia and Herzegovina Agrosym   Bosnia and Herzegovina Faz   Bosnia and Herzegovina  GAJ doo - Agricultural Advisory Center Bosnia and Herzegovina

production of indigenous varieties of grapes and wines, construction
domestic brands and an increase in production and sales capacities
both in the domestic and foreign markets
Bišće Polje
u još gradova
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Croatia Poljinstrs   Bosnia and Herzegovina Agriculture   Bosnia and Herzegovina Agriculture Konjic Konjic Bosnia and Herzegovina Solana Tuzla Tuzla Bosnia and Herzegovina Vitaminka Kreis - pasteurized and sterilized vegetable products - Marmalades, jams, jam and compotes; You choose top quality! Banjaluka
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fruit, vegetable, fruit, vegetables, food processing, food production -  NORTH MACEDONIA
Foundation Agro-Centre for Education - Foundation Agro-
Center for Education e-profit foundation, established in 2006
years by the Institute of Agriculture in Skopje
Skopje Macedonia
Agency for Stimulation of Agriculture in the Republic of
Macedonia - official site

Macedonia Universal Transport - produces and offers food products - Vegetable, peperoncino, Ocet ... Macedonia Agroberza - Public enterprise for commodity exchange Macedonia

Agro Union - Specialized manufacturing trade
organization/Agrounija - production and trade with seeds,
mineral fertilizers, preserves, and of raw materials

Macedonia Al-max - Refinery for sončogledovo butter Macedonia Ceza KOMERC - Dried fruits Zrnesti fruits, Miscellaneous Macedonia MAKS - FOOD are healthy and of good quality, taste outstanding Macedonia Best Food Macedonia Vipro Gevgelija - food and beverage industry Гевгелија
u još gradova
Macedonia Vori - Factory for processing of fruits and vegetables Macedonia

Fruit, vegetable, fruit, vegetables, food processing, food production -  SLOVENIA KNEZ   Slovenia

Fruit, vegetable, fruit, vegetables, food processing, food production -  MONTENEGRO
Martex doo - wholesale, processing and production of cured meat
pork products (hams, sausages, ham, bacon,
sausages, Spitz ribs, ham, shank, etc.)
New Belgrade

- Agency Tobacco Government of Montenegro Podgorica Montenegro Agroglobe   Serbia

Montenegro Ekoplant - production of fruit trees, flowers and ornamental plants, design and engineering in horticulture; Irrigation systems Podgorica Montenegro Fab Live Ltd. - & Quot; Pop Fruit ', a company engaged in import of fruits and vegetables and maturing and selling them ... Podgorica Montenegro Republic Hydrometeorological Service Montenegro Veletex AD - advice for agricultural producers; Wholesale
cut flowers; Design and installation of irrigation systems;
Vineyard program goods and services in retail and
wholesale; Services of storage of goods, freight forwarding services ...
Podgorica Montenegro Was-impex doo - Basic activity of the company until 2006 was
the representation and distribution of food products from the market of the Republic
Macedonia and neighboring countries, legal representation of companies ....
Podgorica Montenegro

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