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Agriculture, food
Agricultural machinery, equipment, tools
Agricultural machinery, equipment, tools, other agricultural facilities - SERBIA
Alpinstar -small agricultural, groundscare, material handling : mowers, trimmers, brush cutters ...; spare parts, suppliesmaterials, el. Tool Makita Bosch; In thetrain distributionSales & Service
Ciak - Centre-intensive agri culture - technology for irrigation pumps, generators ... Parks, fruits and vegetables, greenhouses, greenhouses

Miraculous hedges - fast growing (up to 3m in two years), creating a pleasant shade, protection from noise, easy to maintain, inexpensive!... Ornamental plants are the crown of our gardens and our bushes; Sil Club d.o.o.
Senta Srbija
Godex Ltd. - A professional instrument for forestry, trade wholesale and retail
Jugokomercija - Used farm machinery (agricultural tractors, trailers and other terminal equipment), used trucks and passenger cars, used construction and machine tools, used forklifts; Towing Service
Novi Sad Srbija
Jugometal - SIP agricultural machinery and spare parts; IMT tractors, sale
also in other cities
Jusel - tractor parts
Šabac Srbija
Skala Garden Ltd. - The systems of automatic irrigation for holidays watering lawns, gardens around family houses, parks and other public green spaces, function without the presence of man; System for central vacuuming system-Air; Compression fitig, PE hoses, clamps, drip tubes, plastic fittings and various raster
Palić Srbija
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click HERE September 9   Srbija
Addinol - Special oils and lubricants for the food, tobacco
Srbija Agro Frigo Centar - basic activity is the sale of tractors,
agricultural machinery and spare parts for them, then Duty For irrigation, as well as spare parts for refrigeration and home
appliances; In addition, the firm provides servicing
  Srbija AGAVA, MTD, Homelite - lawnmowers, lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers, trimmers, chainsaws, sweepers for snow throwers, crusher equipment, service and spare parts for Homelite MTD i   Srbija Agria   Srbija Agricole Srbija Agritechnicom Ltd. -sale of agricultural machinery, equipment and
spare parts for machines, service
Zrenjanin Srbija Agrobaza - spare parts for motor cultivators,
tractors, combines, agricultural mechanization
Ćuprija Srbija Agrofd Stara Pazova Srbija Agro gas - sprinklers, guns, fittings, valves, filters, air valves,
venturi, drip irrigation, irrigation of parks
Belgrade Srbija Agroglobe, distribution of seed distribution means of protection
plants, distribution of mineral fertilizers, distribution of agricultural, machinery, storage of seed corn, wheat, oilseed rape,
sunflower, plant protection products, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides

Crna Gora

Agrokons - construction Silo


Srbija Agro-Land Ltd. -servis agricultural machines and goods and services,
new and used tractors combines, oil, lubricants
Bečej Srbija  AGROMEHANIZACIJA   Srbija AGROMONDO Ltd. - General representative McCormick tractors for Serbia, agricultural machinery   Srbija Agropanonka   Srbija This - Portal agricultural machinery - used tractors, used combine harvesters, plows and other agricultural machinery   Srbija Agros KB Veternik
Novi Sad
Srbija Agrospromet   Srbija Agrotech   Srbija Agrorade Srbija

Agrounija - the agricultural Irrigation

Srbija Agrouniverzal   Srbija   Srbija
    AGROVOJVODINA machinery   Srbija Agrožiken   Srbija Akvamatik - horticulture, irrigation systems- a system for automatic
Toro Irrigation is intended for watering: lawns, gardens around the
family houses, parks and other public green spaces, green Hotel area, sports courts, soccer fields, tennis courts and the golf course, function without the presence of man during the absence
Novi Sad
Srbija Almex - Agricultural machinery, tractors, combine harvesters ... Pančevo Srbija ALUMAKS systems - prefabricated buildings, greenhouses Belgrade Srbija Amazone   Srbija AMI - Business Association of importers of agricultural machinery Novi Sad Srbija Aqva Produkt Belgrade Srbija Artech Engineering - prefabricated buildings for storage, winter
gardens, greenhouses
Belgrade Srbija Astoria Trade - a professional tool for pruning and grafting fruit,
garden hoses, saws, shears for large branches, hoses and fittings
Šabac Srbija Atp - greenhouses, Irrigation Belgrade Srbija

Automatic Service Ltd. - Vending machines for hot and cold drinks and snack products; Dispensers for drinking water and water balloons; Espresso Gimoka & quot ;; Raw materials for vending machines and catering business (Chocolate, milk tea powder, plastic cups and teaspoons) Novi Sad

Srbija Automotiv Ltd. service, processing and transport vehicles
agricultural and construction machinery
Srbija Auto valve - Valves and guides for passenger and freight vehicles
tractors, railway vehicles, vessels, construction and mining
machinery; Additionally produced on a smaller scale and other
parts of the valve assembly, such as valve lifters, rods
pickup, spring plates, rocker arms and viljci viljci cylinder head
Užice Srbija

Bago d.o.o.- catering equipment, sales and service; complete
catering equipment, inventory, roasted espresso coffee, Cremcaffe and Amigos known Italian manufacturers
Srbija Bane komerc   Srbija Bayer CropScience - Equip - Preparations for Plant Protection: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, as well as preparations for the protection of seeds; After production and sales of insecticides and plant protection seed Company ranks first in the world in the production of fungicides second, a third herbicide Belgrade Srbija Belotehna - audio-video center, sales, service; Control equipment
also in other cities Beoinox   Srbija Berko doo, established in 1987 - production machine agriculture; Beggars Berko used to read seed, mercantile, popcorn and corn cob šećerca- Mol Srbija BMR Mićović - production and sales of mowers, toppers, lawn mowers, mowers, platforms, agricultural machines, drills for ground   Srbija Bob commerce - Tractors - spare parts for top quality agricultural machines from Ursus and Zetor program; The offer includes nozzles, valves, fittings and heaters for passenger and commercial vehicles as well for tractors and locomotives eminent manufacturers: MOTORPAL Czech Republic, Brazil and Bosch Bosch France Aleksandrovac
Srbija Bohemia - production process equipment, machines and plants
fruit and vegetable processing, aseptic fillers, sterilizers, concentrators
Srbija Robert Bosch Beograd - garden Belgrade Srbija Botos doo - dealing binding warranty service and production spare parts; Foundry cast steel, complete line of thermal and machining. Production of spare parts for connecting devices presa straw, the production of complete presses for straw and elevators for holidays baled straw and maize Ada Srbija Bulović - production and repair of machines for the food processing
Stanišić Srbija Web The magic shop - Everything for the house - garden tools ... Kragujevac Srbija

Carboconcept - Machines for manufacturing plastic bottles Pančevo Srbija Lombardini - Agricultural machinery Novi Sad Srbija CD System - processing equipment, packaging machines, control
Quality - CD System is a leading supplier of machinery for the production and food packaging and equipment for quality control in the former Yugoslavia
  Srbija Comex manufactures printed flexible packaging materials
food and chemical products
Šabac Srbija Cool Shop - Shop online white and other techniques: aspirators,
water heaters, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and dryers, machines dishwashers, microwave ovens, stoves, air conditioners, heatersappliances, vacuum cleaners, televisions, audio/dvd, integrated systems ...; Brands: Gorenje, Whirlpool, Candy, Indesit, Bosch, LG, Whirlpool, Samsung ...
Belgrade Srbija Ćorić Agrar - agricultural machinery Bašaid Srbija Dado-service - trucks, underfloor heating, inverters Subotica Srbija Dar   Srbija Demax   Srbija
company Breeders & Seed Republic of Serbia - Breeding
plants, seed production and trade of seeds
Srbija Elmer Profesional doo - Industry: equipment for the food industry,
scales, packaging machines, conveyors, silos, mixing unit, feeders, sensors;
Trade scales, cash registers, scanners, printers; Catering -
Slicers, mills and mixers for meat
Novi Sad
Srbija Oenological station Vrsac - laboratory testing food
food and beverage quality, sensory tests and the tests
safety ...
Vršac Srbija ENVIROLAB Ltd. - Technical laboratory for measuring instruments in the ecology - for maintenance, servicing and calibration laboratory and measuring instruments, which are used for the sampling and analysis quality of air, soil and water Srbija Frigocentar - raw materials and spare parts for refrigeration,
production of cold rooms; Auto air conditioners, tools, compressors, air capacitors, electrical, evaporators, fans, valves, filters,
Freon, oil, cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners, mounting
material for climate, locks and hinges, thermostats, rubber, insulation
Belgrade Srbija Frigoline - catering and bakery equipment - cooling systems and
appliances - production cooling and hot display cases, refrigeration cabinets, trailers, catering and laundry equipment, cash counters and shelves
Kragujevac Srbija Frigomax service doo - Authorized representative of Thermo King and
Koxka Hussmann refrigeration unit for the territory of the Republic of Serbia; Sales, installation, service, parts, maintenance
Šabac Srbija Frigovent   Srbija

Frigo Zika - thermal devices and professional equipment hospitality, manufacturing; Refrigerators, special, cold tables, bars, neutral equipment, thermal devices, lines for holidays Self Ruma
Novi Sad

Gastronomy - E-magazine on nutrition and culinary art with a collection recipes and forums Belgrade
Srbija Tyre Centre - Internet sales of tires, tires at discount prices, favorable prices of tires, Winter tires, tires for auto, tractor tires: Goodyear,
Sava Tigar Tyres, Trayal, Cultor
na Mlavi
Srbija GUMIMPEX doo, company for trade and services dealing with import rubber construction equipment, truck tires, tires for agricultural, machines, tires for special purposes, as well as the entire Internal program tires and protective areas for all types of rubber Autoworld most famous manufacturers and Kabat Belgrade Srbija Inkos - the design of cooling systems Smederevo Srbija Inno Zit - processing equipment for the food & amp; equipment and systems Packaging   Srbija Inter-Mechanics Ltd. - Agricultural machinery ... Smederevo Srbija Innovation Entrepreneurial Center - Process Engineering;
Design and manufacturing of process equipment stainless steel;
Distillation devices for alcohol, essential oils, driers for plum,
herbs and wood
Belgrade Srbija Juins   Srbija Greenland Komarov Nursery - softwood, hardwood, kalemišćari,
creeper, floral and ornamental shrubs, grasses and reeds, hedges, fruit, roses, perene; Horticultural services; Ideas
Novi Sad
Srbija Kosa trade - garden Veternik Srbija MD Commerce - selling tractor parts (parts for tractors IMT,
IMR, Ursus, Torpedo) and parts for other agricultural machinery
Srbija Metal-tools   Srbija
Metal Alibunar - car hooks car trailers, torsion axles, towing
lever, tractor buckets, bicycle carriers, hardware, hangars ...
Srbija Metal-Matik, production peleterki, extruders and other agricultural
Novi Sad Srbija Microcer doo - Wholesale home, hand and work tools gvožđarska goods and a variety of accessories for construction, agriculture, small business and households Kanjiža Srbija Migros - Equipment for horticulture and viticulture, containers for transport | and packaging equipment, pruning and protection fruit, garden equipment Agricultural machines, occupational safety, utility and Accessories Kragujevac Srbija

Mondi Serbia - Resources, freezing, sorting, pitting and storage IQF red fruit: strawberry, raspberry, cherry, blackberry and blueberries Vrdila
Srbija MTC - technical and technological design for highly specialized
areas - agricultural buildings and facilities of food industry, regulation of food establishments according to national regulations and EU and the US
Belgrade Srbija Nira Metal - Manufacture of prehrambenuindustriju and agriculture; Agricultural machines, machines for food Trade and industry representation Bačka
Srbija NPI | Home - Neopetrol Engineering Ltd. provides design services in the field of production, processing and storage of oil and oil products, in the field of petrochemical and food industries   Srbija

OD Oleo-Mac - Agricultural machinery and spare parts - service and sale Čačak
Srbija Cabinet


Srbija PAKPROM - manufacture of machinery for the food industry - machines for disinfection, filling and closing of PET bottles, packaging machine ... Kragujevac Srbija
Pand doo - Manufacturing of process equipment for the food and
chemical industry, packaging machines, dosing, filling, line a cookie, lines for bananas
Kragujevac Srbija Dual Mode Printing - print, post gum, dual pieces of paper Belgrade Srbija Peraš - farming machinery Novi Sad Srbija Tires   Srbija
Plattner Ltd. - Authorized distributor Esso Mobil oils and lubricants - Soccer Mobil oils for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, agriculture, transmission, industry, mobil ... antifreeze; Fram oil filter, fuel filter, air filter; Eolo cabin filters and climate; Nynas - transformer oil, for electrical switches Bačka
Novi Sad
also in other cities
transport 011 - sale of cardboard boxes and other packaging equipment, and protection; All kinds of boxes and stretch film for packaging ... Belgrade Srbija Agricultural Machinery   Srbija Moves - Production mills for cereals, mixers, locksmith
services ...
Žiča Srbija Inteha - Prominent - storage tanks pumps streaming
chemical disinfection and oxidation-metering peristaltic pump-
Pumps Metering Systems-filters-softeners sensors
Belgrade Srbija PTEP - National Society of Processing and Energy in agriculture   Srbija Bakery equipment - Sadex Srbija Šajkaška - DVP very long tradition; We were founded back in 1872 and since then we are working the water and around the water Novi Sad Srbija Sedan - making machines for cutting mushrooms into slices Čačak Srbija Sena doo - Cooling systems - production of refrigeration systems,
parts of the system and the cooling chamber
Kragujevac Srbija AB Sever - circulators, pumps and pump systems for holidays water ... Subotica Srbija Serbian Chemical Society (SHD) Srbija
Sigma Transport Ltd. - Large selection of plastic netting for agriculture, jute products, various plastic mesh for a broad purpose Bečej
Srbija Softwell - garden Novi Sad Srbija Kardan Srboauto driveshafts - Production and overhauling
Cardan shaft joint shaft
New Belgrade
Srbija DS Greenhouses - Professionals and Greenhouse Supply and
Standard Ltd. - A wide variety of machines and tools for use in
agriculture, industrial applications, home and garden ...
Srbija Szr Ivkovic - production: PP binder for hard-baling T-130, T-320,
T-500, T-800 .... T-1200, PP raffia vineyard, raspberry and so on. and
ropes made of PP, metlarski thread
Srbija Tendamont - Awnings, tarpaulins, convertible, modular structure, the balloon halls, buildings made from linen, blankets, convertible program ... We cover everything! Belgrade
also in other cities
Srbija var Ltd. - Production band saw for cutting wood, making
stelit teeth, the distribution of gas heaters to heat-cannon
facilities (farms, greenhouses, industrial halls ...)

Srbija Thermos ad - Company for making vacuum containers, packaging and equipment from acid resistant materials and aluminum ... Zrenjanin Vgp   Srbija Villager - garden and power tools - tools and garden tools, garden, house, forest - mowers, chainsaws, log splitter and cutters, trimmers, blowers, rotary, Cultivators, snowblowers, pskalice and sowing machines, water pumps, appliances washer, generators, welding arati and chargers and other tools Kragujevac Srbija Woby haus - garden Belgrade
also in other cities

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Auto-savezi, Other vehicles
Nature protection, ecology
Preparati, lekovi, zdrava hrana

Agricultural machinery, equipment, tools, other agricultural facilities - CROATIA Agronomist Požega
also in other cities
Hrvatska BAPLAST - NETWORK APPLICATIONS VI © multiple - Baplast The company has long-& P 1; her experience in processing plastic Mass. The company has historically dealt with the production of PVC gloves, production of truck tarpaulins, covers and different kinds of plastics. In recent years, the only & P 1, and the knowledge and skills & P 1; tine built into production and trade networks. Brezovica Hrvatska Bauhaus   Hrvatska Comet   Hrvatska Jerkovic   Hrvatska Jurec - Sales of mopeds and scooters Tomos and Generic, chainsaws, lawn, and service - we are selling scooters and mopeds Tomos i generic, suitcases and helmets for motorcycles, chainsaws, mowers, trimmers - grass shears, hedge trimmers, tiller; Service and repair Tomos outboard engines   Hrvatska The company Pevec doo was established in 1990 as a store of tools
for farming and landscaping garden, and spare parts for holidays agricultural machinery
Bjelovar Hrvatska Poljana doo - Agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery -
sales, service and maintenance of machinery and equipment for agriculture (Agriculture, viticulture and horticulture, animal husbandry), tractors, mowers, Flail, battery, spare parts and accessories, sales of protective equipment, animal feed, seeds and fertilizers
Hrvatska   Hrvatska
    Agricultural machinery   Hrvatska Machines - free classifieds, tractors, plows, forklifts, trucks, machinery for wood, metal, machinery; Classifieds for all types of machinery poljuprivredno, construction, utility machinery, trucks,
machinery, cranes Forum Drunken Skunk - fishing and gardening Planik Hrvatska Pty - Trade and representation manufacturers of machinery and equipment for decorating
garden and yard

Agricultural machinery, equipment, tools, agricultural facilities - BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Agro coop   Bosna i Hercegovina AGROMarić Ltd. - Original parts for Zetor, IMT, LKT and Ursus
Prijedor Bosna i Hercegovina

Amazone Ltd - your ideal partner for agricultural and municipal
Bosna i Hercegovina TP Brass komerc doo - Brass commerce is a general representative,
distributor and service company "Koper" engaged in the production and selling refrigerated showcase (refrigerator) for drinks and wine ...
Banja Luka Bosna i Hercegovina Jusel - tractor parts Bijeljina Bosna i Hercegovina Slopes Ltd. • STIHL, VIKING, all for agriculture and your garden ... Sovići
Bosna i Hercegovina IPLAS Gračanica Bosna i Hercegovina Total-trade   Bosna i Hercegovina
Wine Tobacco Voce - wholesale and retail materials,
tools, machinery for agriculture. a large selection of seed
Bosna i Hercegovina
Traffic Techno Ltd. - General importers and distributors of Yamaha and Toa
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bihać Bosna i Hercegovina ZNLPro Ltd. - Production and sales: fiscal cash registers,
fiscal printers, electronic digital scales from 300 grams to 60
tons (commercial, analytical, jewelers, pharmacies, warehouse,
butchers, school - truck), butcher's equipment, barcode readers
and other equipment used in retail environments

Bosna i Hercegovina

Agricultural machinery, equipment, tools, other agricultural facilities - NORTH MACEDONIA
DL Concord e distributor in Macedonia in order catering

Gemaplast - Manufacturer of polyethylene pipes and irrigation

Makedonija FOOD and WINE Makedonija

MST Pumps ad - Production of industrial pumps; Manufacturer of
industrial pumps for transportation of water, oil and oil derivates;
Providing engineering projects on a turn-key basis

Makedonija Velmar - Sale of equipment for the food industry Makedonija Vipro Gevgelija - food and beverage industry Гевгелија
u još gradova

Agricultural machinery, equipment, tools, other agricultural facilities - SLOVENIA Dino   Slovenija

Agricultural machinery, equipment, tools, other agricultural facilities - MONTENEGRO Agroglobe, distribution of seed distribution means of protection
plants, distribution of mineral fertilizers, distribution of agricultural, machinery, storage of seed corn, wheat, oilseed rape,
sunflower, plant protection products, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides

Crna Gora Deus kom - representation of well-known manufacturers of agricultural machinery and chainsaws; Tractors, cultivators, accessories tractor, equipment for livestock; Production of standard and special valves for the construction Nikšić Crna Gora Ekoplant - sthe same irrigation... Podgorica Crna Gora Ekoplant - manufacturing plants (continental and Mediterranean
fruit, flowers and ornamental plants), engineering and design of the
horticulture, irrigation systems (automatic and manual);
Ekoplant - 20 years of experience
Podgorica Crna Gora Veletex AD - advice for agricultural producers; Wholesale cut flowers; Design and installation of irrigation systems; Vineyard program goods and services in retail and wholesale; Services of storage of goods, freight forwarding services ... Podgorica Crna Gora

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Alpina Star - baštenske i komunalne mašine, alati i delovi, Belgrade
Firme Srbija